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Dear families,

Last Monday, dozens of families and friends (100+!) gathered for our annual Morning of Mission. Together, we remembered the work of Martin Luther King and came together to serve local aid organizations. It was indeed a celebration of  mission and ministry. Thank you to the many who donated items. It was a busy and wonderfully productive morning!

Together, we made:
  • 350 bagged lunches for the Trenton Area Soup Kitchen
  • 101 creativity kits for HomeFront
  • 55 hand-decorated place mats for Meals on Wheels
  • 73 gifts bags of personal care products for Arm in Arm (+ 260 full-sized items!) 
  • 15 pet blankets for orphaned dogs in shelters
  • 35 cards for Deacon ministry
  • 16 hand-colored calendars for ABC Literarcy
with much gratitude,

Take Home Questions 

January 21
Beginning of Jesus' Ministry in Galilee ( Mark 1:14-20)
1. What is God's good news?
2. Why do you think these men went with Jesus?

January 28
Praise for God's wonderful works ( Psalm 111)
1. The psalmist gives reasons for thanking God. For what do you thank God?
2. Make a list to use when you pray every day this week. 

Club 3-4-5 
Friday, January 19, 5:30 PM

Club 3-4-5 is a run-around, game-filled night for all 3rd, 4th, and 5th graders. No previous church experience needed! Dinner included. 

Bring $5.00.  Bring a friend (or two). 

Club 3-4-5 2017-2018 dates (5:30-7:30 PM except Feb. 23):
  • January 19
  • February 23 (Late Night Movie Night, 7:00-10:00 PM)
  • March 23
  • April 27
Music Notes from Ingrid
Dear Families, 
Regular Wednesday Choir Rehearsals have resumed!
  • Joyful Noise & Carol Choir: Wednesday, January 10, 4:15pm
  • Choir 345: Wednesday, January 10, 5:15pm
Choir 345 will next sing in Worship on Sunday, February 4, 9:15 am.
Joyful Noise and Carol Choir will sing Sunday, February 25, 9:15 am.

It is good to be back.  Hearing laughter, enthusiastic singing and the many ideas our children bring each week - it's where I want to be!  Invite a friend - we always have a space for them.

With Joy,
Morning of Mission pictures -
many hands make wonderful work!