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Dear families,

Schools are wrapping up and most families shift into summer schedules this week and next. Well done all! Some years we limp to the finish line (how many end-of-year parties/projects/field trips can there be?!?), but I pray these next months offer you and your family room to recover and recharge.

Just as the school schedules wind down, we are ramping up -- it's Vacation Bible School season! Countless boxes of craft supplies are piling up, volunteer lists are posted and filled (thank you, Lord!), and our custom-crafted, one-of-a-kind stretchy bandannas have finally arrived (whew). We also have nearly 100 hundred children from our church and community signed up to attend (a few spots left, see below for details).

But we still have one last need. We need you to pray for us. We need prayer for last minute preparations (May everything be remembered...), for all our volunteers (Bless them with energy, patience and joy), for all the children attending (Bless them with open hearts, listening ears and new friendships) and safety (Watch over all our goings and coming and doings). 

Finally, I ask you to pray for our program leaders Ingrid Ladendorf and Len and Andrew Scales these next two weeks. They are leading VBS and PresbyCamp, respectively, as I will be away.  I am grateful for our good team and can't wait to see the pictures and hear all the good news when I return.

with much joy and appreciation.

Take Home Questions

June 17
Parable of the Growing Seed ( Mark 4:26-34)
1. Look at plants growing around your home. Are some just beginning? Full-grown?
2. Why is the growth of a tiny mustard seed a good image for God's kingdom?

June 24
Jesus calms the storm ( Mark 4:35-41)
1. What do you think it sounded like when the waves crashed against the boat?
2. What surprised the disciples in the boat with Jesus? 

Try on teaching for a week
Summer Church School
open dates in August! 

Consider volunteering for as a Sunday teaching assistant in the summer church school program. We provide a lead teacher, curriculum, a schedule, and lots of support. You provide love for the children of our church and a willingness to try something new.
Summer church school classes are staffed by volunteers who sign up for designated weeks. There are two classes each Sunday (Preschool and Kindergarten-Grade Two). Each class needs an adult assistant each week. Youth helpers are welcome and added bonus!

Vacation Bible School 2018
David, Shepherd King
Monday, June 25 - Thursday, June 28

We still have a few opens in some age groups.
Contact Lauren Yeh or Ingrid Ladendorf for details.

Hear stories of how a young shepherd boy became king of all Israel. Chosen by God, this almost-overlooked youngest son grows up to be the hero of the Jewish nation.

Vacation Bible School 
Age 3 to rising grade 6
9:00AM - 12:00PM

The fun and fellowship continues for older children with a mission focus. PresbyCampers go on field trips and engage in local mission projects.
Rising grades 4-6 
12:00 - 3:30PM

Music Notes from Ingrid