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Leilani Farm Sanctuary on National Television 

Nat Geo WILD's  "Aloha Vet" Reality Show Series

Six episodes starting Saturday, March 21st 
 (7 p.m HT, 7 p.m PT, 8 p.m CT, 8 p.m. MT, 8 p.m. AT, 9 p.m. ET)

Dr. Sims performs eye surgery on George, the blind pig

National Geographic's new reality show, Aloha Vet , will include Leilani Farm Sanctuary in two episodes, including the premiere, set to air March 21st.

Tune in to watch blepharoplastic surgery on George, the blind pig; spay surgery on Veronica the deer; mastitis treatment on Jackie the goat; and spaying of rescued kittens.

Dr. Sims, "The Barefoot Vet"
"Aloha Vet" is a takeoff on the British series All Creatures Great and Small, which dramatized life at a country veterinary clinic in 1949. It follows veterinarian Dr. Scott Sims, who flies his plane (which he built) around the Hawaiian islands to take care of animals.

Barry assists by preparing a syringe
Cameras roll in the pasture
Lani the deer investigates the sound equipment
Emma watches attentively as Barry is interviewed

Leilani Farm Sanctuary is grateful for the opportunity to demonstrate compassion for animals to millions of viewers, and it is our hope that the animal rights movement will be strengthened as a result of this exposure.


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About the Sanctuary


Home to goats, rabbits, geese, donkeys, cats, pigs, ducks, deer, tortoises and chickens, Leilani Farm Sanctuary is located on an 8-acre farm in Haiku, Maui. It is an all-volunteer, non-profit organization created to provide shelter and care for rescued animals, humane education to the community, and model of compassionate living.


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