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Dept 56 Christmas Vacation Village - In Stock!!!
Cousin Eddie in the Morning
The BRAND NEW, just released line of Department 56 Christmas Vacation Village is now in stock at  Currently in-stock are 5 of 7 inaugural village pieces: The Griswold Holiday House, Cousin Eddie's RV, The Griswold Family Tree, Fire It Up Dad, and Cousin Eddie in the Morning.  Expected in later in the year are: Animated Flaming Sleigh and a Christmas Vacation Collectibles Exclusive; Shocking Clark.

On you have the option to order the Entire Village, the 5 pieces currently in stock or each piece individually.  If you order the Entire Village we will ship you the pieces currently in stock now and the remaining pieces when they come in stock.  

And remember you always get FREE SHIPPING on order over $50.

So get in the Spirit of the Griswold Family Christmas early this year with the Christmas Vacation Village by Department 56.   
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Dept 56 Christmas Vacation Village
Christmas Vacation Village by Dept 56


Featured Product - The Moose Mug
Moose Mugs


You too can now enjoy your eggnog or any other beverage in an Official Moose Mug just like Clark Griswold and Cousin Eddie in Christmas Vacation.


These replica Christmas Vacation Glass Eggnog Moose Mugs, modeled after the Wally World mascot Marty Moose, are officially licensed by Warner Bros. Studios. Each high quality mug is individually made from hand molded glass. These festive cups make unique gifts, perfect conversation pieces and unforgettable party favors.


If you're planning for a large gathering don't forget to add a festive glass punch bowl.  The perfect companion to a set of moose mugs. Sure to be an unforgettable center piece of any party.


Moose Mugs and Punch Bowls are available at

Christmas Vacation Moose Mug
Official National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation Moose Mug


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