Photo Request

A slide show featuring the TEAMS competitors in attendance at the conference is being planned for the TEAMS Awards Ceremony. Coaches of TEAMS attending the conference should  use the link below to upload high resolution  jpg,  png or gif photos (up to five photos per team) of the competing students so that they can be included in the slide show. Ideally, these photos should be "action" shots, perhaps depicting students preparing for the TEAMS competitions (ie: a group meeting, researching and/or writing the essay, practicing for Prepared Presentation, working on the poster, etc. They should not be head shots of the students.)

The intent is that each team will be represented in the slide show, however submitting a photo(s) does not guarantee that it will be used. Note that the release for these pictures is part of the Parent Authorization Form that coaches must have with them at the national TSA conference for each of their attendees.

Link for submitting photos.

Please submit pictures by June 5th.

If you have any questions regarding the submission of photos, please contact Cindy Donahue, TEAMS Project Manager.


Registration Reminder

If you are planning to attend the national TSA conference to compete in the national TEAMS competitions, make sure to register your team by the May 21st deadline.

If you are bringing participants in both TSA and TEAMS competitions they must be registered for both. If you have already registered for TSA but have not yet completed a TEAMS registration, please make sure to do so by May 21st.  If you have any questions, please contact Leanne Guido or Cindy Donahue.


National TEAMS Competition and Conference Information

All information pertaining to the national TEAMS competition and attendance at the conference can be found on the TEAMS conference page of the TEAMS website. This includes documents and/or links for conference registration, competition descriptions, TEAMS competition dress code, tentative schedule, coach responsibilities, conference FAQ, and other important items. Note that all parents/guardians must complete the Parent Authorization Form and give this form to the attending coach. The coach keeps these forms with him/her at all times during the conference.

Thank you for your support of TEAMS.