Earth Day News: Native Teen Sues Government Over Environment
Tubman To Be on $20: Free School Connection

Harriet Tubman and The Albany Free School Connection
With the news that the US treasury department will put Harriet Tubman on the $20 Bill, we wonder if the Albany Free School students project might have helped in some way. In  2003 a group of Free School students discovered that Tubman had worked as a spy for the Union forces but had never been compensated for it. In today's Newsday it said: "She worked as a scout, as a spy. One night during the Combahee River raid she led Union gunboats up river to liberate more that 750 slaves, deep in the heart of Confederate territory. Because she was working as a spy, she didn't have the proper documentation, so after the war she couldn't file for a pension..." Here's an article about their successful fight to get that compensation and preserve the Tubman House.

In addition, the Free School helped establish a democratic high school named after Harriet Tubman.
DIY Schooling on the Rise In England as More Parents Opt for Home Education; AERO Member Helen Lees Interviewed
No one knows exactly how many children are being taught at home, but new figures suggest numbers in England are growing. Why is this?

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How to Register For AERO Conference is Your Choice
See the latest news on the AERO Conference. 

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'Buddy Benches' Are The Most Heartwarming Inventions Since Dog Wheelchairs.
The best of the buddy system.  Christian Bucks was just 7 years old when he first got the idea for a Buddy Bench. 

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On the Wildness of Children.
By Carol Black / April 2016

The revolution will not take place in a classroom.

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AERO Covers Presentation  by Zoe Weil With Founder of Blue Man Group
On April 21st we had the good fortune to attend a special presentation in Manhattan by Zoe Weil, founder of the Institute for Humane Education.

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This Teenager Is Fighting Climate Change by Suing the Government
Xiuhtezcatl Tonatiuh is a 15-year-old environmental activist from Boulder, Colorado, who has spent his entire life fighting against climate change.

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The Beautiful Struggle.
By Sam Chaltain

The wheel of democracy, which, though it grinds slowly, propels us steadily toward justice, and the society we seek.

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