Nativity Notes for the week:
 June 21st - 28th, 2017
TONIGHT - Come Join the Fun at Wed@Nat Summer
Summer Flower Donations Needed!
Donations can be made in memory of a loved one, or to celebrate a special occasion, or just in thanksgiving.  There is no budget for flowers, so we are asking for your help to beautify our altar.  Forms are available in a basket in the gathering room and in the tract rack by the front door.  Donation requests MUST be turned in THREE WEEKS ahead of time in order to be processed in a timely manner. Otherwise, the donated flowers may not show up on the altar on the requested date. 

The Altar flowers from last Sunday were donated by Colin Brownlow & Helen Goeden in thanksgiving for their daughter, Andrea's birthday. 

Coffee Hour Host Sign Up
Now available on the coffee hour counter in the Gathering Room.
Community Cafe
Tonight from 5 - 6:30 pm in the Fellowship Hall.
Grilling is on the menu.

Please sign up to bring food for next week!
  The Worship Helper schedule link:

952-435-8687 •