Natural History Auction
Saturday, July 26, 2014 1PM PDT


Our July 26th Natural History Auction is now open for preview daily until auction start Saturday at 1pm. Now is the time to place your absentee bids, set up telephone bidding and/or register to bid live online.

Our Asian & International Fine Arts Auction and August 10th Asian Art, Antiques & Estates Auction are both online as well.




Our coprolite (fossil dung) is creating quite quite the buzz in the media! Take a look at just some of the articles from Huffington Post, New York Daily News, Popular Science, NBC News and Yahoo NewsThese prehistoric 'prizes' can be yours to own with opening bids as low as $200.


The Estate of Marina Louise Schreyer of Switzerland, featuring a large Collection of Minerals, Spheres and other Lapidary works 

A private East Coast Collection of Fossils and Lapidary works; including a Complete Dinosaur Head, Ammonites and a large Amethyst Geode mounted as a table 

The Magnificent Dueling Saber Cats: Fossil Saber-Tooth Cats from South Dakota; forever locked in combat from a private Los Angeles Collection 

Collections of Lapidary works of Art and Petrified Wood from multiple American Estates 

A fine selection of Meteorites and Extraterrestrial material from the Moon and Mars; as well as a collection of Space Memorabilia from a private Los Angeles collector 

The first completely Three-Dimensional Flying Dinosaur ever be to offered at I.M. Chait; spectacularly mounted as if in flight 

Various other Fossils, Minerals, Meteorites, Gemstones and even a complete collection of Fossilized Dinosaur Dung; including quite possibly the world's longest piece of Fossilized Dung ever offered for sale 
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