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FREE Health Awareness Class: 1-3pm Friday 9/8 with Dr. Menzel

Movement Studio: What is Native Movement? 

Conscious Canvas: Wine & Paint Therapy Class  

September 29th & 30th: Transformation Seminar

The Real Cafe: NEW -Fall- Menu Coming this Month!!!! 

Energetic Wellness: Natural Therapies

What is Native Movement?

The innate and instinctual rhythm that lives within each soul. A shifting movement found within that is fundamental to self-expression, self-love and self-healing. Native Movement puts the ego to rest and instills confidence to trust your path. You will come to know alignment, release, empathy, peace, vitality, pleasure and consciousness through Native Movement.
No dance experience is required!!
This sacred movement therapy was created by our very own instructor Bailee O'Brien.  Try Native Movement or any of our other classes for the first time for FREE during the month of September!!!! 

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You must call or email to register at least an hour prior to class time. 
In the event that no one signs up -- Class will be CANCELLED.
Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.
405-359-1245 /
Conscious Canvas
Wine + Paint 
Friday September 22nd 6:30-8pm

$35 for the class
(Beverages sold  separately )

Space is limited so make sure you sign up to reserve your spot!

Date Night - Ladies Night Out - Family Night - Self Expression
Join us for this fun event!!
Transformation Seminar
Friday Sept. 29 & Saturday Sept. 30th 
(Nutrient dense lunch provided both days)

$99 Early Bird Special  (Ends 9/15)
$65 Alumni

Join Dr. Menzel as she guides you through a full body, mind, & spirit transformation. She will teach you how to make natural eating and living an every day healthy lifestyle!

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Amazing new entrees, beverages, and more coming this Fall to The Real Cafe! 

Join us for Breakfast, Lunch, & Dinner 
Mon-Sat : 8am-8pm
Call for To-Go: 405-513-5419
Energetic Wellness

D Lite Tanning Bed: The highest quality and safest Vitamin D-producing UVB and red (anti-aging) light available. This natural therapy represents a natural alternative to direct sunlight for stimulating the body's ability to produce Vitamin D.  Single Session: $7 / 10 Session Package $65

Body Balance Foot Bath: 30 minutes of gentle detoxification. It was designed to restore the body's energy and balance by pumping negative ions into the body through your feet, while facilitating and aiding in the natural detoxification process. Effects last up to two days of cleansing. Single Session $35 / 10 Session Package $225

Far-Infrared Sauna: 30 minutes of therapeutic infrared heat to help the body detoxify and heal itself. The far-infrared sauna therapy is perhaps the most effective method of removing toxins from the body. Regular whole-body detoxification will assist the body's natural elimination ability, leading to a balanced, healthful life. Single Session $30 / 10 Session Package $200

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Our new location is between Western and Santa Fe on the north side of Edmond Rd.


2851 W Edmond Rd. 
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