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March 2013 - Volume 2, Issue 27



It's not about the technology...
In fact, it never was.

Most of us really don't care "how" our computer works, but we do care "that" it works. We also care that when we need help and call an expert in a field that we are not experts in, we are treated with respect, patience, and understanding.

At Navakai, we talk to non-technical people all-day long. In fact, we pride ourselves on that fact. So how are we able to get a bunch of highly skilled, technical people that normally speak in "code" to effectively communicate with non-technical people? Answer: customer service.

Each Team member is hired based on 2 factors: their technical abilities and equally important, their customer service skills. In fact, we administer 2 exams during the intensive and lengthy Navakai interview process and the first one, is a personality profile. Without good customer service and communication, all of the technology in the World doesn't matter. Our promise to you is that you will always have positive experience engaging our Team for technical support. If you don' won't have to pay for it.

Thank you for your continued partnership.

Davin Neubacher
Navakai, Inc.


Computer and Server Replacements












You perform regular maintenance on our cars to ensure their reliability. And when that car gets old and too expensive to keep on the road, its typically replaced. Your computer is no different.   


After time, the Operating System slowly becomes corrupt, negatively impacting it's performance and reliability. New software is constantly pushing the limits of computer processing and older machines often get hit the hardest. Navakai tracks every support ticket for our clients and in the past 5-years, over 80% of all PC issues came from machines that were older than 3-years of age.  


Still not convinced? Ever wonder why most hardware manufacturers (like Dell) offer standard 3-year warranties? Because they know that after 3-years, the computer is likely going to have issues and they will lose money if it is still under warranty.  


Navakai follows IT Best Practices and in the case of hardware replacements, we recommend that PC's are upgraded roughly every 3-years and servers every 5-years. No, this is not just to sell you a new computer or server. Trust us, if you saw our actual margins on hardware, you would laugh. We do this because we don't want our phone to ring. When it does, it's probably because something is not working on your end and in all likelihood, YOU are not working. In a nutshell, don't throw good money at a bad computer. 


Questions? Give us a call @ 719.630.8324. 



Client Spotlight - Pikes Peak Center

The Pikes Peak Center is a quality entertainment, cultural, educational, and assembly center for the benefit of the citizens of the Pikes Peak Region. Built 1982 to serve as a regional entertainment and cultural center, the Pikes Peak Center's downtown Colorado Springs location was planned as a part of the economic revitalization strategy for the downtown business district.

Since its opening in 1982, the Pikes Peak Center has achieved international acclaim for its design and acoustical qualities. Artists and critics alike have been lavish in their praise of the Center. The Center hosts in excess of 200 performances annually. The Center is owned by El Paso County and operated by the Colorado Springs World Arena, a 501(c)(3) organization.  


Navakai has been supporting Pikes Peak Center and World Arena since 2005 is proud to be their partner in technology! 


Pikes Peak Center...Check them out! 

Photo of the Month

Happy Clients = Happy Staff.


Tier 2 Extraordinaire, Santiago McDonald, circa 2013   


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