February 15, 2017

Record Snow Fall Makes for Perfect Spring Season!

Welcome to our Spring "Resort & Second" Home Newsletter.  T he spring ski season is just around the corner and the 2016 real estate numbers are in.  As many of us know the summit county real estate market continues to recover.  In 2016, we had a 6% increase in the average sales price from the previous year.  However, total sales were down 4% across the county. The Dillon/Summit Cove market saw the largest average price increase YTD climbing 16% in 2016.  Frisco reported the largest increase in sales up 15% from 2015.  While Breckenridge continues to average the highest price sales average in the county at $575,498 with Frisco a close second at $518,120.  
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Interior Design Tips For Vacation Rentals

One area where hotels have a leg up over vacation rentals is in their interior design. After all, hotels can bring in professionals to carefully curate and stage their rooms and common areas for maximum comfort and beauty.

Thankfully, we can change that. A few simple interior design changes can make a noticeable difference at your property, while still keeping the personality and local inspiration that make vacation rentals so lovable. To view these tips please CLICK HERE... 

Amenities to Maximize Your Vacation Rental Income...

Whether you're looking for the perfect vacation home to buy, or you're looking to increase ROI on the second home you currently own, one thing that's always on any rental owner's mind is how to boost bookings.

Check out this article offering tips to maximizing your vacation rental's profit potential.  CLICK HERE...
Can Global Vacation Rental Market Reach $169.7 Billion in 2019?

Market research analyst believes that the global vacation rental market will reach $169.7 billion by 2019. The key regions where global vacation rental adoption is highest are Europe and North America, wherein the awareness of the concept of a vacation rental is widespread.  The entry of new technologically oriented start-ups and higher interest in vacation rentals among travelers is one of the reasons for market growth. To learn more CLICK HERE...

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