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SYNERGY of Old and New


All-apprentice arrival:  Thursday, January 4th.
Registration is 2-4 pm (plus WFW starts).
The training ends with our traditional party, Thursday evening, January 11th.
Plan your departure for Friday, January 12th.

8th level arrival:  Wednesday, January 3rd.
The 8th level work starts Wednesday afternoon between 1-1.30 pm 
with a gateway introduction for new invitees, 
so everyone please plan to arrive in time to complete registration before that.  
(All invitees will receive a separate e-mail.)

Dear Apprentices,  

Synergy is the interaction of two or more things that produce an effect greater than the sum of their individual effects.

As we all know, the OLD, comprehensive, now traditional TCF curriculum for tai chi, push hands, the Eight Ways, Roots & Branches Qigong, sword form, fencing and pole produces a strong foundation.

Various NEW innovative additions have been branching out from the foundation, like teaching the tai chi form more as a whole movement rather than just as an assembly of parts; adding our latest understandings of sensing hands, sword and fencing; seasonal school-wide tunings; coming to understand what our school can offer to the greater world of tai chi; realizing that knowing ourselves, recognizing our emotions, cultivating compassion, as well as listening and being present while another person expresses can increase the quality of all of our interactions in the world; updating and adjusting our methods of teaching to this modern day and age; and not to forget developing innovative ways to show how tai chi principle can increase the quality of anyone's daily life.

Come to the Winter Training in Amsterdam! Your participation is what makes this synergy possible. Are you up to date, not just with your next teaching  level, but   also with embodying the newer innovations and changes? A full synergy of the old and the new depends on each of us participating, as well as sharing with others what we have learned. What has worked in your classes and your location? What have you discovered? What could you share? How do we teach to students who are recovering or aging? How do we attract the younger generation? 

We and many other experienced teachers will be there, to share our knowledge, build community and to help inspire. Expand your horizons, share the synergy and the vitality, find more balance and relaxation. 

We look forward to working and playing with you all in Amsterdam this winter!

With love,
Gerrie, Sherry and Greg

We are working on a schedule that will best suit most, if not all of our needs. 
Of course, the various Push Hands levels will be practiced as to further develop our sensitivity.  There will be time for regular classes and levels, and we will come together 
as one group to experience each other's energy and to inspire and learn from each other.
As you might already know, apprenticeships will be available according to numbers. 
Reach out to your Tai Chi friends and see if you can sign up for a special apprenticeship together. Connect with each other, let us know and find out what is possible.

Also, it looks like there will be a B1 Apprenticeship happening this Winter Training. 
Please let us know if you have apprentices in your community 
who would like to take the B1 apprenticeship and are ready to do so. 
Talk to your closest senior teacher to see what the possibilities are.

Synergy of Old & New in Roots & Branches Qigong Experienceship 
This is open to all apprentices. One hour a day and included in the package price.
Please let us know if you want to join on the registration sheet.

If you decide to join us at the winter retreat, 
and email it to Peter Streef at

The prices for the training are in the table attached here.
For the Early Bird discount  please   pay your deposit 
of 25% of the total  by December 1st in euro, 
to   STCC Amsterdam.

For Dutch  residents
make your payment through IBAN: IBAN: NL43INGB0000285299
For international  payments,  pay           t o                   :        
IBAN: NL43INGB0000285299

UK apprentices are asked to pay their deposits to STCCL. 
Or do a direct Bank Transfer - for details about this method of payment contact Barbara Carlisle,

The remaining costs can be paid with your debit card or cash payment. 
Please note we don't accept credit card payment.
Please contact Peter Streef at 
if you have any inquiries regarding your payment.

Deposits are not refundable after December 1, 2017

We find it important that all apprentices feel that they are most welcome 
to join the training, even if there are financial issues. 
So, we would like to remind all about the Bernie Dushman Scholarship Fund (BDSF). 
This fund supports students/ apprentices/ teachers  who     cannot afford to attend a training. Applicants must be recommended by a teacher.
Scholarship Applications are available at the TCF website:

Keep in mind that scholarship applications are due no later than November 30th .
Just like previous trainings we are always looking for volunteers who want to help during the training in return for a discount. It can either be a small or big contribution. 
Please contact Shao Lin ( for more information.

We are happy that we can host the training at the Amsterdam Tai Chi School 
at the Kerkstraat 441. It is nicely located in the heart of the city, 
and has a nice relaxing atmosphere. In between classes take a walk by the canals 
or after a nice relaxing day of Tai Chi, have a drink in one of the many caf├ęs nearby. 
The School is easy to reach with public transport. 
From Schiphol Airport to Central Station it takes about 20 minutes by train. 
From there you can take tram 4 destination Station Rai  and get off 
at stop Keizersgracht or Prinsengracht.  From          there  it's     only a 5-minute walk.

For the training we have arranged two extra venues:
Flex 427, Kerkstraat 427. Just next door to the Tai Chi School.
Gemeente   Gods, a.k.a.  the
Ballroom, Nieuwe Herengracht 103. 
10-15 minutes walking from the Kerkstraat. 
You might want to consider renting a bicycle.

The schedule is still under construction and will be available at a later time.
For the 8th level apprentices the training starts: Wednesday January 3rd. In the afternoon at 1.00 pm with a gateway introduction for invitees.

For all other Apprentices the Winter Training starts Thursday 4th January. 
Registration will happen from 2-4 pm. 
The training ends with a closing party on Thursday 11th.

We are looking for a catering service for lunch and dinner. We try to cater lunches 
from Friday to Thursday and for three times dinner (including party dinner). 
Detailed information will follow.

You are responsible for your own accommodations. But maybe instead of booking a hotel, you can also take a look at AirB&B, You can rent apartments all around the city through this website. Contact your tai chi friends and book a nice apartment together. Last Winter Training a couple of our apprentices had a good experience with dealing with AirB&B. You can find more info at their website. Click Here for a list of Hotels.

Amsterdam also has a lot of hostels. 
On you can find more information and a lot of options.

Looking forward seeing you all!

The Winter Training Team,
Anouk Krikhaar(
Peter Streef (
Koen Krikhaar

Bernie Dushman Scholarship Fund

Bernie Dushman
Want to Help Others Come to Winter Training?
Support the Bernie Dushman Scholarship Fund to support your colleagues who cannot otherwise afford to come to training. 

                                     THANK YOU!!

PS  Consider a monthly donation!

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