Community Health Needs Assessment

CHNA Infographic
CHNA Infographic
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By the end of 2013, all non-profit hospitals need to have conducted a Community Health Needs Assessment (CHNA).  The staff at CMOR are experts in conducting CHNAs and have extensive experience in working with Hospitals, Health Departments, and other Healthcare organizations. Our approach allows you to:

  • Identify priority community health needs as well as gaps in services that should be addressed in the implementation strategy.
  • Strengthen relationships with community partners to improve local health care delivery.
  • Share information collected from the assessment with the public.
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Michelle Henry and Amanda Barna
Founding Partners of CMOR
The CMOR Approach
CMOR uses a systematic, data-driven approach to determining the health status, behaviors, and needs of community residents. Data for the CHNA is collected using the following three components: 
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The Center for Marketing & Opinion Research (CMOR)   

is a public opinion research firm in Northeast Ohio that specializes in working with hospitals, health departments and healthcare organizations, as well as, social service and non-profit organizations, and governmental agencies. We are experts in conducting Community Health Needs Assessments, collaborating with our clients to provide key findings and strategic recommendations that can be used as the basis for an implementation strategy.