opening doors.  A dvancing Lives.

A little help makes all the difference...

"After being homeless for three winter months of 2015, my family was able to move into a tiny RV. After one year, we had to relocate. I was able to get 2 jobs and found an apartment for my family.  I unfortunately did not have enough money to cover the 1st month's rent. I heard about N2N and received help. This is a great blessing for my family because we didn't have enough money to move in, and we would have been homeless again. I am extremely grateful to all the donors that help this program.  It is truly a BLESSING. THANK YOU!!" 
- Juanita and Family

Without a stable home,
success in school or work is difficult.  

Thanks to you, HPI and N2N services provide homes
700 local households each year. 

Could you impact a local family
with stable housing this winter? 

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 Thanks to our many friends who attended our 
Chamber Ribbon Cutting last week! 

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