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By Neil Abramson  


"In a story reminiscent of The Lovely Bones, a deceased veterinarian narrates the evolution of her lawyer husband who has been left behind with boundless grief, an unmanageable menagerie, and an unwinnable case following her death. This is a book for animal lovers and those who live with animal lovers; for those who love a good courtroom drama and for cynics who imagine all lawyers to be soulless; and for those interested in animal ethics who wonder if there are more communication possibilities to be developed with higher primates. Unforgettable!"  

-- Darwin Ellis, Books on the Common, Ridgefield, CT


Center Street  

Hachette Book Group  

Pub Date: 08/04/2011

ISBN: 9781599954103

Genre: Literature & Fiction 




By Ernest Cline


"The world in 2044, is a mess. Energy sources are depleted, cities are jam-packed and the lives of average people are full of misery. In order to escape the hardships of everyday life, billions escape into the electronic virtual world OASIS. When the multi-billionaire creator of OASIS dies, he leaves his fortune in trust for the first avatar to complete three virtual quests. Wade Watts, a lonely teenage misfit, decides to compete and win the prize. Filled with references to 1970s and '80s pop culture, Ready Player One is a love story, a quest novel and a parable for the electronic age."   

-- John Hoover, Misty Valley Books, Chester, VT



Pub Date: 08/16/2011

ISBN: 9780307887436

Genre: Literature & Fiction, Science Fiction & Fantasy   






A Novel  

By Ellen Feldman


"The 'Greatest Generation' and the battles to defeat Germany in Europe during WWII have received generous and much-deserved attention. Ellen Feldman turns our attention to the home front in a moving and insightful story of three young women in a small New England town, two of whom lose husbands on the Normandy beaches, and one whose returning husband is haunted by what we now know as PTSD. How they attempt to rebuild their lives is a story beautifully told. Feldman's narrative also encompasses the racism and the anti-Semetism of those years as well as the nascent women's movement without ever seeming didactic. A brilliant book!"

-- Marian Nielsen, Orinda Books, Orinda, CA


Spiegel & Grau  

Random House  

Publishing Group

Pub Date: 07/26/2011

ISBN: 9780679643692

Genre: Literature & Fiction, History  




A Novel 

By Matthew Norman   


"The characters created by Norman move this story with moments worthy of laughter, cringing, crying, or some combination of all. Tom's moral compass is just loose enough that the reader will worry about him, while still being able to empathize with the details of his admittedly horrible situation. The story is really about the inner turmoil of a man who could be any of us, whose life has slipped from his control one tiny event at a time, and who, faced with the choice of soul-killing subservience to his family legacy or a radical rediscovery of himself and his powers, makes some interesting choices. This is the story of an underdog, and if you like to see a good man who has been knocked down get back up, this is the book for you."
-- Evan Barker, Joseph-Beth Booksellers, Lexington, KY




Pub Date: 09/01/2011

ISBN: 9780062065117

Genre: Literature & Fiction 




By Jennifer Close


"This book is smart, hilarious, and sincere, a combination both rare and, here, perfectly balanced. The series of interconnected short stories features Isabelle, her family, and her group of close friends as Isabelle grows up and moves from being a reluctant member of her older sister's wedding party to attending numerous friends' weddings. But this is not just a book about getting married. It is a book about growing up, being a girl, being both a friend and a girlfriend, and trying to find one's place in the world. It is also incredibly funny -- laugh out loud, run into the next room to read sections to whomever will listen, spot-on funny! This lovely book should not only be shared among mothers, daughters, and friends, but be passed on to brothers, boyfriends, and dads too!"  

-- Sarah Baline, Politics & Prose Books &, Washington, DC



 Knopf Doubleday

Alfred A. Knopf    

Pub Date: 08/19/2011

ISBN: 9780307596857

Genre: Entertainment,  

Literature & Fiction    






A Novel  

By Simon van Booy


"Simon van Booy's heart-stopping novel takes place predominantly in Athens in the summertime -- a hot, dizzying place where three characters forge a brief and unforgettable connection. This book will completely sweep you away. It brims over with small, perfect details and plot twists that must be read to be believed. I can't imagine a better summer read!"  

-- Kat Bailey, Bookshop Santa Cruz, Santa Cruz, CA





Pub Date: 07/01/2011

ISBN: 9780061661488

Genre: Literature & Fiction 


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