Networks at 25! Join us for a series of monthly recollections, sharing, and thanks to all those who have travelled this journey with us through the years.
Networks at 25?

Can it be??!!  
Unbelievably, yes, Networks is now 25 years old!  

collage of Networks staff through the years with a candle shaped like the number 25 in center
While it's certainly time to celebrate, it is also important to remember all those who have travelled with us, helped us, challenged us, cheered us on, & joined with us over these amazing 25 years.  You helped us realize our vision & assisted us to become more of who we are today.  

Together we have
  • fought injustices & discrimination
  • encouraged others to find & raise their voices
  • re-imagined schools, workplaces, communities, & lives
  • assisted groups to coalescence around important issues
  • found solutions (or at least some parts of solutions) to change the world to embrace ALL people.  

We are still going strong & look to the next 25+ years of hard but exhilarating work.  

But first, we will be taking time each month this year to look back, honor, & celebrate.   

Some Networks Memories...

As a launch to this anniversary year, we offer our first installment - two variations on a theme.... loving tributes to our roots, shoots, & branches.... a bit of Networks' memorabilia!

"Networks @ 25!" video...