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February 2016

Never Too Late to Learn

            Looking at the current workforce, you can see that it is largely made up of a combination of baby boomers and millennials. While you may think it would be difficult for these two generations to connect, a new phenomenon of "reverse mentoring" has begun to occur!
            Companies are recognizing that reverse mentoring is an excellent way to bridge the generation gap and create a two-way exchange of knowledge. Both sides have a lot to gain by flipping the traditional mentoring relationship, junior staffers have a chance to showcase their leadership skills and get career-boosting access to senior managers and an older employee can learn new skills, hear a fresh perspective and embrace new ideas.
            The ability to learn is probably the most critical skill that you can have in today's workplace. Having a young mentor is tremendously helpful to those who did not grow up in the digital and social media environment. It affords a better understanding of how to use applications and programs including Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn.
            Mentoring typically lasts from six months to two years and sessions are often structured around certain topics although they are kept flexible so that protégés and mentors can investigate other areas of interest. And it's not all tech talk; discussions about career matters and goings on within the company are also fair game.
            If you are interested in expanding your horizons whether within the workplace or at home, the AARP Foundation originated "Mentor Up" in September 2013 in order to bring teens and young adults together with older generations so the latter can stay current and connected. To find out more or find a mentor near you check out MentorUp.org. Also, visit your local senior and community center to discover what programs they may have to offer. 

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