Blue Crab Electronic Reporting Pilot Project Newsletter
September 2013
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Jodi Dew-Baxter
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"If you can order a sandwich at Wawa, then you can easily report your harvest electronically using this pilot system."
-Maryland Crabber and Pilot Participant


131 crabbers have been trained to use pilot system


4,431 crabbing trips have been reported so far this season


Spot checks have been successful 78% of the time this season, versus 34% during the 2012 season*

*Unsuccessful spots checks were mainly due to watermen landing early and not revising their landing time.
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Welcome to our first Blue Crab Electronic Reporting newsletter! We hope you find it informative and useful.  Feel free to share this with others by posting it to a website, blog, Facebook site, over email or print it out and give it to others. 

What's New?
Improvements have been made to the blue crab FACTS™ harvest reporting system over the past few weeks including:
  • Text Message Reminder:  A text will be sent to those who have hailed but haven't submitted a harvest report by 5pm. However, reports still aren't due until midnight of the day crabbed.
  • Default Numeric Keypad:  FACTS™ was updated to have a default numeric keypad pop up when entering data for those using a smartphone or tablet. 
  • Temp Transfers:  Soon you will be able to report all daily harvest under all licenses used - temporary and permanent.  The system will split up your harvest automatically by license based on your preferred method to report it to DNR.
  • Dealer Feedback:  We will be meeting with crab dealers over the next several weeks to get their feedback on electronic dealer reporting. 
Did You Know...

  • You can see, download, print and save your harvest information at  
    Just use the same login and password
  • Over 1/2 the participants have taken advantage of the flexible day off option.
  • You can use a website, texting, a call center, or any combination to report your daily harvest. Let us know if you want to try out a new way to report.
  • DNR gets your harvest data daily.  This is a huge improvement over monthly paper reports that can take months to enter into the system.
3 Easy Steps to Electronic Reporting

Reporting your crab harvest daily can be done using your mobile device through a call center, texting, or a website and only takes 5 minutes!  


Step 1Start Hail - A start hail is submitted in the morning before you start crabbing. It alerts the system that you are crabbing for the day. Don't forget to revise your landing time if it changes. 


Step 2: End Hail - An end hail is submitted after you have finished crabbing for the day and before you offload crabs at the dock. You can revise your landing time if it changes at this point as well.


Step 3: Submit Harvest Log - The harvest log is essentially the same information that you already report on your monthly paper forms. It is easy to do with your preferences setup in the system.  


On days that you are not crabbing, you do not have to do anything! 


We want to thank all of you for participating in the 2013 Pilot Project.  Your input has been extremely valuable to the project.  A special thank you to the Blue Crab Design Team and the Pilot Subcommittee for their continued support and guidance.  Look for the next newsletter and updates in the next few weeks.    




Ward Slacum

Blue Crab Pilot Project Manager


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