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August 12, 2013
Back from a historic weekend of sports car racing at Road America, 'America's National Park of Speed', in Elkhart Lake, Wisconsin. For the first and only time before the two series merge at the end of this season, the GrandAm and American LeMans Series competed at the same venue on the same weekend, an event dreamed about by RA President George Bruggenthies for a decade The gathering drew sports car racing fans from around the country and RA's campgrounds and area hotels were completely packed. Although we had our usual tent filled with books, models, DVDs and artwork in the Paddock, I did manage to sneak out for a few precious moments of actual spectating early in the day Saturday and Sunday. I must say I was surprised at just how fast the DeltaWing really was and how the sound of the Daytona Prototypes reminded me of the olden days at Road America when CanAm and Formula 5000 cars entertained similarly huge crowds back in the '60s and '70s. Brought back great memories!
RA Group Photo ALMS GrandAm
We understand that a lot of the details (including a schedule) for the new United SportsCar Racing series have yet to be ironed out but we hope the powers that be can put together a set of rules that will take advantage of the wide variety of exciting racing cars that currently compete in ALMS and GrandAm. The thought of open and closed cockpit sports racers competing wheel to wheel at North America's finest road courses is an attractive one for seasoned fans and is certain to attract newcomers. The action at RA looked great on TV this weekend and it was a good sign to see so many families with enthusiastic children at the track as well. A very impressive 'class photo' with over 60 cars from both series was assembled on the front straight on Friday. Check out the time-lapse video below:
ALMS, GRAND-AM Timelapse Reveals IMSA United SportsCar Racing Future at Road America
ALMS, GRAND-AM Timelapse Reveals IMSA United SportsCar Racing Future at Road America

This week, we expect delivery of four new 1/18 scale classic IndyCars from Replicarz. They were produced with the original tooling at same factory used by Carousel 1 years ago. Many upgrades have been made by Replicarz on these new models, including a more accurate STP dayglow orange on the STP Eagles of 1973 Indianapolis 500 winner Gordon Johncock and teammate Swede Savage. All four models have been produced in limited quantites, so place your orders soon:

R184711 - Gordon Johncock / Eagle Offy / 1973 Indianapolis 500 Winner
Order HERE
R184712 - Swede Savage / Eagle Offy / 1973 Indianapolis 500
Order HERE
R185301 - Tom Sneva / March 84C / 1984 Indianapolis Pole Position
Order HERE
R185303 - Gordon Johncock / STP March 84C / 1984 Indianapolis 500
Order HERE

Replicarz has also produced wheel and tire sets for some of their 1/18 scale Indy Cars. These sets are available now:

R1847WH - 1973 Eagle Wheel Set - $14.99 - Order HERE
R1853BBS - March BBS Wheel Set - $14.99 - Order HERE
R1853WHB - March Wheel Set - Black - $14.99 - Order HERE
R1853WHC - March Wheel Set - Chrome - $14.99 - Order HERE

Time to unpack from Elkhart Lake (as soon as it stops raining, of course). We'll be back later in the week with additional new product news.

 - Paul

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