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Yong Zhao on International Tests

Some Holiday Sales Continuing
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Yong Zhao: How Did the U.S. Do on the Latest International Tests?
Yong Zhao is one of the foremost experts in the nation on international comparisons. He was born and educated in China, but has worked in American universities for a number of years. He recently moved to the University of Kansas, where he holds a Distinguished Professorship.

He  analyzes here how U.S. students in fourth and eighth grades performed on the TIMSS, which is focused on mathematics and science. Politicians like to bemoan the fact that U.S. students are not #1 in the world on this test or on PISA. As I have previous written, American students were never #1 on international tests. Back in the mid-1960s, when these tests began and fewer nations participated, we were dead last. I wrote about it  here and  here and also in my book  Reign of Error, where I documented in detail how poorly we have always done on these tests, how little it means, and why these tests have zero predictive value for our economy. Also, see  here.

Read the rest here.

You can buy Zhao's keynote from the 2016 AERO Conference here.
Education Revolution Podcast Episode 2: Whitney Tilson on Trump's Possible Education Reforms, and a Conversation About KIPP Charter Schools

In this episode of the Education Revolution Podcast, we interview Whitney Tilson. Tilson is one of the founders of Democrats for Education Reform, which aims to move the Democratic Party to embrace "genuine school reform", and serves on the board of the Knowledge is Power Program (KIPP). 

Jerry and Whitney talk about Trump's possible education reforms, pros and cons of charter schools, and go in depth about KIPP charter schools in particular.

This interview is part of a series AERO is doing to talk to people with a variety of points of view about what effects this election will have on education

Listen to the podcast here, or just search for "Education Revolution" on your favorite podcast app. We are also on Stitcher and Google Play Music
No High-Performing Nation in the World Tests Every Student Every Year
Marc Tucker posted two incredibly important articles about testing, from an international perspective.

Children don't get smarter because they are tested more often.

Read the rest here.
Internet Schools for Street Children in Pakistan

AERO member and Finland IDEC organizer Marko Koskinen has been working on this project for Pakistani children

Social Transformation and Educational Prosperity (STEP) Organization is a community based organization working directly with the grassroot level communities with the methodology of participation and awareness. We envision empowering the ignored and deprived communities.
STEP Organization is registered by the government of Pakistan since 2005. (Registration No. RJSC/FSD/2005/88212)
Presently STEP Organization is working to promote Democratic Education in Pakistan. Our great desire is that Education must be for all. Poverty should not prevent the people from getting a good education and to improve their lives.
Pakistan has one of the lowest literacy rates in the world (55% according to the United Nations). Pakistan stands 160 th in the World. We have executed a benchmark survey in 25 villages and slum areas of Punjab province, Faisalabad Division to get an understanding and an overview of the situation on education. According to the survey the need for a free education is overwhelming.
We want to provide the free education to the street children who are not able to attend the schools due to poverty. Mosly people have daily wages work, white wash work or keeping donkey carts for the very low income.

Read the rest here.
9th Report for Sprouting Seeds Learning Centre in Myanmar
Jim Connor, long time AERO member, founded Whispering Seed in Thailand, now in Myanmar

Dear Family, Friends and Supporters of Sprouting Seeds Learning Centre,
Thanks to all of your support we are now entering our busiest period for the café with a renewed sense of confidence. We took the time during the rainy period to further improve the interior of the café and are delighted with the natural look and feel of the space. Pine tables and the earthen counter blend beautifully to create a calming environment for weary travellers and locals alike to rest and enjoy our culinary delights! We also took the time to experiment with new ice cream flavours and a range of exciting baked goods including ...... , the response to which have been fantastic!

Read the rest here.
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