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Rethinking How We Teach About Slavery
By Alan Singer

In a New York Times 
op-ed   Sean Wilentz , Hillary Clinton's favorite historian, slashed  out at Bernie Sanders accusing him of perpetuating a myth that "threatens to poison the current presidential campaign" when he asserted the United States "in many ways was created, and I'm sorry to have to say this, from way back, on racist principles, that's a fact." While Wilentz, and I hope not Hillary, dismiss the impact of racism and slavery on the development of the United States, other groups are confronting it in very positive ways especially useful for teaching about the history of slavery.

Independent journalist and television producer Susan Modaress of Inside Outproductions just completed and posted on youtube an excellent examination of New York's complicity with slavery. According to Modaress:

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Using Human Standards to Transform Public Education
By Lynn Stoddard

Americans are obsessed with subject standards for education. "Subject standards" specify what all students are supposed to know and be able to do in each subject at grade level check points. These standards require teachers to try to make students alike or uniform in knowledge and skills.

There is another kind of standards, "human standards," that are inside each of us. We were all born with most of them in varying degrees. We were all born curious. All people are born with the ability to think and be creative. We were born with a unique set of talents, gifts, and personalities that define us as individuals. We were born with a sense of self and a built-in desire to learn who we are as human beings. We were born with agency and the need to determine our own destinies.

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Updates from Sri Aurobindo Yoga Mandir
Well, we have been super busy. 

After almost two months of frequent aftershocks, we don't experience that many nowadays. The constant fear and paranoia has reduced. 

It is monsoon here in Nepal, the roads are all muddy and incidents of flood are not a rarity. 

On a very positive note, after countless strikes, bandhs, curfews and a lot of conflict, Nepal has finally drafted a constitution. It is a matter of national rejoice to have a constitution made by people after a wait of six and a half decades. We are very hopeful that this new constitution will shape Nepal's development if properly put in action. Times are tough, situation is not the best but we are busy moving on. 2 Our sources of income have never been the same after the earthquake. Income from activities like Milk, vegetables and other kinds of sales have decreased. 

We have had just 5 guests in our guest house since April (A stretch of 5 months). But we do hope the situation will improve. 

Our heartiest thanks to you for your kindest of donations which have enabled us to meet our urgent necessities like food, medication, education fees and urgent repair costs.

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