Appreciative Inquiry Videos
Spring/Summer 2012


We are excited to share our latest Appreciative Inquiry videos with you, featuring National and International presentations from Master AI Practitioners Diana Whitney,  Amanda Trosten Bloom and Ralph Weickel.  We hope you find these resources practical and useful in your continued work with Appreciative Inquiry.  


Please share these materials with colleagues and friends. When you find something that has been particularly helpful to you professionally or personally, let us know. Send us an email or a tweet.

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Diana Whitney at the World Appreciative Inquiry Conference (WAIC) 2012 
Dr. Diana Whitney takes us on a global journey with "Appreciative Leadership at the Nexus of Appreciative Inquiry, Positive Psychology and the Strengths Movement", presented at the World Appreciative Inquiry Conference (WAIC), April 26, 2012.


Amanda Trosten Bloom on Appreciative Inquiry 
What is AI   Franciscan Sisters

Amanda Trosten Bloom presents "What is Appreciative Inquiry?" to the Franciscan Sisters of the Poor, April 2012. 


Diana Whitney on Appreciative Leadership

Diana Whitney on Appreciative Leadership at NHPCO, 3/31/12
Dr. Diana Whitney gives the closing plenary titled "Appreciative Leadership: Building a Thriving Organization" on March 31st, 2012 at the National Hospice & Palliative Care Organization's 27th Management and Leadership Conference.
Amanda Trosten Bloom on "Appreciative Leadership"

Amanda Trosten Bloom on  
Amanda Trosten-Bloom
introduces leaders from NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center to the five core strategies of Appreciative Leadership outlined in the book she co-authored with Diana Whitney, February 2012.


Ralph Weickel on Innovating East Amsterdam
Using Appreciative Inquiry  
Appreciative Inquiry - Innovating East

A mini documentary about the district East in Amsterdam and their adaptation of Appreciative Inquiry in their workflow.  Interviews with CPC Consultant Ralph Weickel and Frank van Erkel, the District Secretary.


Max Watanabe Interviews Diana Whitney on Appreciative Inquiry & the 4-D Process (subtitled in Japanese)  

Diana Whitney
Introduction to AI and the 4-D Process, w/ Diana Whitney, interviewed by Max Watanabe
.アプリシァティブ・インクワィアリーの実践者として著名なダイアナ・ホイットニーにサクセスポイント株式会社の渡辺 誠がインタビューしまし た。1、AI とは、2、AIの4Dプロセス、3、AIの事例について話してもらいました。AIを適用した最新のテーマや組織開発の新しい動きを知る. 


Upcoming Workshops

July 30-August 3, 2012

 Foundations of Appreciative Inquiry

Ralph Weickel and Tenny Poole Co-Faculty

Costa Mesa, CA


September 11-14, 2012

Appreciative Leadership Development Program�

Faculty: Diana Whitney, Carlos Aguilera Muga and Ralph Weickel 

Chapel Hill, NC  


September 15-16, 2012

Appreciative Leadership Development Program� Trainer Certification
Diana Whitney and Amanda Trosten Bloom  
Chapel Hill, NC

October 16-20, 2012 
Diana Whitney and Ralph Weickel
Chapel Hill, NC

October 29-November 2, 2012 
Foundations of Appreciative Inquiry
Amanda Trosten Bloom and Linda Meccouri
Westfield, MA

November 19-22, 2012 
Appreciative Leadership Development Program�
Ralph Weickel
Amsterdam, Netherlands 


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