Recently Catalyst received communications from Visa and MasterCard regarding card design changes that will impact your card orders.  We are providing a summary of the communication for your review.  We suggest you review the actual Visa and MasterCard communications.
Visa Communication:
Overview: Issuers will no longer be required to print the first four digits of the Bank Identification Number (BIN) below the primary account number (PAN) on Visa cards.    

Catalyst will begin notifying customers of this change when orders are received.

In summary, Visa has announced that  to help enhance client and merchant flexibility and efficiency,  effective 15 October 2016 , Visa will no longer require issuers to place the first four digits of the BIN under the PAN on Visa cards. Further,  effective 15 April 2017 , Visa will no longer approve card designs that include the BIN below the PAN. 
Mark Your Calendar:  
* October 15, 2016 - the first four digits of the BIN are no longer required to be printed below the PAN on cards. 
* October 15, 2016 - Merchants are no longer required to validate cards by matching the first four digits of the PAN to the four digits under the PAN.
* April 15, 2017 - Card designs that include the first four digits of the BIN below the PAN will no longer be approved. 

For MasterCard Products -  effective 16 October 2015

The following card design elements were deemed optional effective October 16, 2015: 

* The first four digits of the bank identification number (BIN)/primary account number (PAN) (the "mini-BIN")
 * Ultraviolet "M" and "C" 
* ICA number portion of the card source identification 
* Authorized Signature" and "Not Valid Unless Signed" text adjacent to the MasterCard Signature Panel. When present, "Authorized Signature" and "Not Valid Unless Signed" may be in any language and alphabet.

In addition, the following options were made available: 
* Cardholder name may be in any language and alphabet. 
* The signature panel may be the traditional MasterCard Signature Panel or a design chosen by the issuer.
* Account information may be un-embossed printed on the card front or back, or both.
* The embossed valid date, expiration date, and cardholder name may appear on Lines 2 and/or 3 and/or 4.
If you have any questions please contact Customer Service at 303-799-1096 or email  customerservice@c3emv.com.
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