SWOT meeting!  November 30, 2016

The Barnabas Group SWOT team has another opportunity to help a proven international ministry which is equipping 4,000 school teachers per year, to use biblically based curriculum with students. Please review and respond if you would like to participate for this SWOT on November 30, 2016. 

Overview : Since entering the public schools of Russia in 1991, The International School Project ( www.isponline.org).  Many atheistic, Buddhist, or Muslim teachers have become tremendous witnesses for Christ in their classrooms. Not only that, but it all has been endorsed by the Ministry of Education in countries such as Romania, Kyrgyzstan, Mongolia, Ukraine, Iraq and others. 

Educational officials provide 100-400 teachers from a city. Teachers attend three-day or four-day training conferences. A team of American volunteers from local churches works with educators in small groups of ten. Through discussions, role play, music, art, drama, and other kinesthetic activities teachers experience the curriculum as their students will in their classrooms. They also hear a very clear presentation of the gospel.  

Teachers have the potential to change whole societies, because the next generation of students passes through them. Officials are motivated to provide students with a "moral compass," so they avoid alcohol, drugs, gangs, and sexual issues. A moral student becomes an asset to society.

How can an international ministry promote its success and involve others in the U.S., besides simply going on a short term mission trip, without compromising the work in "restricted" countries?" 

Please reply and answer. As in the past, please pray about your participation:


Wednesday, November 30, 2016 from 11:00 am to 1:00 pm


Pepperdine University's Irvine Campus
18111 Von Karman Avenue, Suite 235
Irvine, CA 

Food/Beverages: Lunch will be provided.

Note: In preparation, each SWOT participant will receive copies of relevant background information to review prior to the SWOT. Please be prepared to provide meaningful input. 

Please call me directly with any questions at 949-888-3030 x301.

Be blessed and encouraged,

Ron Henry
SWOT Coordinator
The Barnabas Group
949-888-3030 x301