Video: Join Me ...Take a birthday walk in Ontara - New Zealand - Scroll Down

Radio Interview this Friday - "New Beginnings" - Transformative Energy Transmissions

Radio Interview - September 11 - Reawaken Your Brilliance Radio Show

Live Event: Charlotte, NC - This Friday, August 23 at 6.30 pm - Speak to Me

Save the Date: Master Class - Stony Point Center, NY, November 22-24

Full Moon Transmission Audios Begin Again in September

What's Free, What's New, What I recommend - see below

Karma Klear - What Sabotages or Limits You?  Tell Me.

Dear Friends


Are you feeling the winds of change blowing your life? It may feel like much is coming at you, but in reality what you are being asked to deal with and complete is creating space to open a doorway to a NEW BEGINNING.


Remember, New Beginnings also require New Foundations. Take time in the coming months to go within and feel into your Soul's Loving Wisdom...the true YOU.


There is a lot I want to bring to you this month: 


There is a video of my "birthday walk" in New Zealand and an interview on Living Spirit radio this Friday when Spirit want to talk about new beginnings.  This energy will help you energetically to connect to your authentic self.


Also on this Friday evening 23rd of August there is a special impromptu LIVE EVENT in CHARLOTTE, NC.


There are also other live events and teachings planned both in the USA and overseas. I will be holding a two-day Master Class at the Stony Point Center (1 hour north of New York City) from Friday November 22 - Sunday November 24, the week before Thanksgiving in the USA. Scroll down to see COMING EVENTS below.

Take a New Beginnings "Birthday" Walk with me...
From Ontara - New Zealand
New Beginnings  ~ with love from Ontara, New Zealand
New Beginnings ~ with love from Ontara, New Zealand

Special Live Event: Charlotte, NC
Friday, August 23 
6.30 pm - 8:00pm

"God Calling - Messages of Love and
Support from Spirit"


Join me and Dr. Leslie Wells for an impromptu evening with Spirit. We only received this request from Spirit yesterday, hence the last minute notice. We would love to meet you if you feel called to come.


Spirit want me to bring through information and energy aligned with my spiritual role, which is as an activator to help us all be all connect with our soul's truth and our soul's purpose.


Venue: Ahlara International, 155 Joe Knox Ave., Mooresville, NC.

Meet and Greet from 6 pm - tea and coffee provided


Telephone: 704 - 662 - 0946. www.ahlarainternational


Suggested: $33.00 All welcome. No one will be turned away.


Live Interview with Dr. Leslie Wells
Friday, August 23 - 11am (EST)


Join me and Leslie Wells -  What's New in My Life, What's New from Spirit.

The discussion will be about how to take body and mind into the new fifth dimensional energy and integrate these vibrations that are of the new Earth so that we might all walk our path of purpose with ease, grace, compassion and faith. 

11 am - 12 noon USA Eastern Time. 


To access the show on the internet: go to www.bridgeholistichealing/radio.aspx

Also broadcast in Charlotte, NC radio on WGIV 103.3 FM, 1370 AM


TALK TO ME LIVE ON AIR:  Call (1) 704 553 1370 between 1.15 am and 11.45 am EDT. 

Let's see what Spirit want to say!  Let's have some fun!


Live Interview with Julie Seibert

on Reawaken Your Brilliance Radio Show
Wednesday, September 11 - 9 am (EST)


Julie Seibert, host of Reawaken Your Brilliance Radio Show from Raleigh, NC, will be interviewing me live by Skype.


You were put on this earth to thrive, not survive because you have greatness inside of you.  Body, mind and spirit experts will present keys to help you unlock your potential.  What keys will you discover? To live the brilliant life you were meant to you must heal, nurture and love yourself. This show will show you how.


There are several ways to listen (watch live):


1. to watch show


2. Listen on  smart phone (iPhone, Android) at


3. All episodes and chats: 

After the show airs, there will be a video as well as a podcast available. 

For more information, visit

Free: Reiki Practitioner Upgrade 


At an event in New York that I held for a group of Reiki practitioners I connected with the energy of Dr. Usui, who brought the Reiki symbols and teachings to us here on Earth. Dr. Usui wanted me to bring through energy to activate an upgrade of these symbols to bring them to the vibrational levels of the fifth dimension.If you are a Reiki master you will find this energy will transform your Reiki abilities. The transmission is offered free on my website. 


I first connected to the energy of Dr. Usui years ago in New Zealand while giving a reading for a Reiki Master teacher. I felt very different as his dapper, clipped and very polite Japanese energy entered my body and I spoke in the same precise and dignified manner.

New Products


The 150 Steps of La Sainte Baume


Mp3 $20 or CD $35 [incl. postage]

150 Steps CD

A one hour ascension catalyst meditation with the angels and Mary Magdalene. Recorded Live at La Sainte Baume, France.

What people say:  "I have all your CD's.  This is the best yet". 



Expanding the Mind A Day With The Archangel Metatron


Expanding the Mind and Opening the Heart
A $10 Mp3 Download


Nothing works unless we can expand our mind to conceive of and accept a reality outside of our current perceptions of who we think we are. We also need to open the heart, which is often triggered to close down when we are moving times of inner change and we go into fear.


I Recommend This Transformational Audio:
It really works for me


Feel Better Fast - a $10 Mp3 download


Feel Better FastI listen to Feel Better Fast every morning in bed before I get up. I have it on my iPod. It is 30 minutes of profoundly revitalizing and regenerating energy that will truly have you FEEL BETTER FAST. This collection of energy sequences if listened to regularly will help you feel younger and look younger. Why? The energy builds a pulse, like an energy wave of physical transformation. It transforms and energizes at a DNA and cellular level.





Your Karma Klear Requests Please



I am adding to the free karma klear section of my website as part a general website upgrade. I invite you to submit karma klear requests. I want to create a library of energy work to help more people.


Please send me a short email with your full name, country of residence and land line contact telephone number. I will email or telephone you if I require more information.


* Explain your issue - maximum ten words to describe the challenging issue you are experiencing.


*  Write a brief description of how this issue affects you...i.e.  How this emotional/mental/ physical problem affects you. One paragraph only please.


I plan to make these audio tracks in the first two weeks of September.  Please be aware that I can only make an audio transmission if I am guided to do so by Spirit. It may not be possible to deliver on every request.  I will do my best.


Email:   Please write KARMA KLEAR in subject line



YOU are the SUNSHINE helping to usher in the dawning
of a new age on Earth.   

My book "Sunshine Before the Dawn" is coded with energy to help you BE the SUNSHINE and do what YOU have come to do.


    READ how Mosteenya and Essayenya fall in love on 12th dimensional Lyra 




Available as book, PDF, Kindle, Nook, iPAD, other Tablets.


For more information and to purchase


Tim Doyle's Channeling of the Golden Ones


I shared with you all in June that Tim Doyle and I had agreed to separate as husband and wife. Tim is being called by Spirit to work with "The Golden Ones", a group of beings sanctioned by the Galactic Council to bring in new teachings for fifth dimensional consciousness.


The energy of the Golden Ones is a very different frequency from mine and not compatible with the energy vibrations I am transmitting or my new work direction.


Tim is very committed to his soul purpose. He was recently interviewed about his work with the Golden Ones on Jeff Ferranini's radio show transmitted from Boston, USA. Here is the link to listen if you wish...


I am thrilled to be back in the USA.  After a year of continuous travel and living out of a suitcase I am now moving into a new home.  I look forward to bringing you the Full Moon transmissions again in September and to meeting some of you at my events later in the year.
Love and blessings,

Judy at Lily Pond
Upcoming Events
Sept. 29 - Oct. 2  6th Global Congress of Spiritual Scientists - Pyramid Valley International, Bengaluru, India.  Visit
Oct. 25 - 27 - New Life Expo - Lecture with a Special Workshop on Monday Evening. Visit
Event information will be added to soon.

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