Dear Friends,
March will mark a new beginning for The Brotherhood/Sister Sol.  We will demolish our current home; a humble four story Harlem brownstone and begin construction on a 20,000 square foot state of the art youth development building.  This shining beacon will be our new home; a place where our children are safe, educated, and inspired; a space where we work to change policies that will more broadly and systemically help our children and change the conditions they face; and a site to train the field so that others can improve youth development outcomes for the children they serve. 
As we embark on this new journey, it makes us think of the many young people who walked through our doors and found new beginnings at Bro/Sis.  For example, young people who found their voices for the first-time at Bro/Sis and are now leaders in social justice causes; alumni who have graduated from top universities after discovering that college can be a reality for them instead of a far-fetched dream; entrepreneurs who are carving a path to greater success after finding stability and mentorship at Bro/Sis; successful students who were once failing out of school, but re-discovered a love of learning through hands-on instructions and educational experiences at Bro/Sis; and adults who formed their moral and ethical world view with our guidance, committing themselves to working toward a more humane world.
In our new site, we will be able to provide services to twice as many young people and make twice as many dreams come true. In our new site we will be able to increase our ability to effect change.
Your support allows us to continue our important and critical work. Will you join us on this remarkable journey by making an increased or renewed gift today?  You can direct your gift to our programming or capital support.
Thank you for your generosity.
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Khary Lazarre-White                                          Jason Warwin
Executive Director & Co-Founder                    Associate Executive Director & Co-Founder
Cidra Sebastien                                                     Wendy DeJesus
Associate Executive Director                               Associate Director for Programming

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