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Recently published releases include Trumbo by Bruce Cook (Grand Central Publishing, September 8, 2015) to coincide with the movie release, starring Bryan Cranston, Diane Lane, and Helen Mirren.

Art in the Blood by Bonnie MacBird, (HarperCollins UK, September 2015) first of a planned trilogy of Sherlock Holmes adventures, sold to 16 countries.

Dancing on Her Grave by Diane Montane and Carolina Sarassa, true crime (Berkley, April 2015) Discovery Channel, Deadly Sins and Lifetime Movies.


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  April 19, 2016
Company News

Dancing on Her Grave signed with Lifetime Movie!

Dancing on Her Grave by Diana Montane and Carolina Sarassa (Berkley, 2015) is a shocking story of Debbie Flores, a Las Vegas showgirl whose dreams of a dazzling career ended in a nightmare. The book has now been signed with Lifetime for a two-hour full length movie. It has already been featured on the Deadly Sins television program. 

"Dancing on Her Grave is an analytical, well-researched, and yet personal story that moves the reader through a difficult and often disgusting crime." - Paula K. Amaras (Huffpost Books) 

Buy the book: 

Company Chat

One of our newest clients, HSBC Whistleblower,  Everett Stern is making waves in the political world as he is campaigning as an Independent after the Republican machine blocked him from the Pennsylvania ballot.
By running as an independent, Stern "plans to expose the broken and sometimes criminal system hidden within American politics" He was the whistleblower in the HSBC money laundering scandal, where he put truth and justice ahead of his personal interests, which is what his new book  The Tactical Rabbit will be about.

                            More good news on Art in the Blood

We are thrilled that the third book in the Sherlock Holmes trilogy by Bonnie MacBird has now been sold to Harper Collins UK. 

Last week, the Spanish version of  Art in the Blood received an ecstatic five star review from a Spanish blogger. 
"The author develops the story perfectly, being careful with every detail, to leave no stone unturned, much like Arthur Conan Doyle." Congratulations, Bonnie!

Art in the Blood  is now an international bestseller!

Oscar's Ghost sold to Amberley Books UK

We are pleased to announce that 
Oscar's Ghost by Laura Lee has been sold to Amberley Books! 
This fascinating book follows two of Oscar Wilde's closest friends-- both former lovers--who went to battle against each other over who would control the narrative about Wilde's life and who history would blame for his death. The book is slated to be published in November 2016.
Congratulations, Laura!

A Warm Welcome to Our New Authors! 
Roopa Unnikrishnan, author of The Smart Innovator: How to Achieve Career Success in Five Disruptive Steps  
Roopa Unnikrishnan, MBA, MPhil (Oxford), is a strategic leader and consultant with experience in a variety of industries where she helped seed and drive change. She is the founder of Center10 Consulting, LLC. and has nearly two decades of experience consulting for several Fortune 500 companies.  Her book gives passionate individuals, regardless of their current position in the job hierarchy, a way to gaze into this uncertain future and shape it to their advantage.

Rosary O'Neil, author of Degas in New Orleans

Author, playwright, director, and teacher, Rosary O'Neil comes to the agency with her book  based on the true story of celebrated painter Edgar Degas' visit to New Orleans in 1872 and his affair with his cousin and sister-in-law there. It was cut short when he had to leave to go back to France where his father's bank was going into bankruptcy. 
Her play,  Marilyn/God, soon to be written as a book,  starring Heidi Van as Marilyn,  is currently playing at The Fishtank in Kansas City and has been receiving rave reviews. Welcome, Rosary! 
Industry News  
Harlequin UK and Harlequin North America are joining forces to jointly acquire and promote fiction for their respective trade imprints across world English markets More Information 

Exploring the Role and Craft of Translation at London Book Fair
"Reflecting the sector's growing significance," translation and the work of translators have a strong presence in 2016 London Book Fair programming.
 More information

Russia's Yasnaya Polyana Prize Longlist Includes Four Noble Laureates
Established in 2003 by the estate of Leo Tolstoy and the Samsung Corporation, the Yasnaya Polyana Literary Prize has a 31-title international longlist. 
More Information  

 Upcoming Events
Selected Shorts event with Helen Oyeyemi and Kelly Link, April 20th, 7:30-9:30 pm at Strand Bookstore, 828 Broadway,
 New York, NY.  

One of Granta's Best Young British Novelists, Helen Oyeyemi (Boy, Snow, Bird), and Hugo Award-winning author Kelly Link (Get In Trouble) come together for a night of readings from their work. 
More information

Launch party and signing for Hot Dudes Reading, April 28th, 6:00 pm at Rizzoli Bookstore, 1133 Broadway, 
New York, NY.   
Fun, irreverent, and wittily-observed, this book is tailor-made for book lovers in search of their own happy endings-and those who just want to get lost between the covers for a while.    More information

Happy Birthday William Shakespeare on April 26th!
Born in 1564, William Shakespeare was an English poetplaywright, and actor, widely regarded as the greatest writer in the English language and the world's pre-eminent dramatis
  More information

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