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March 2, 2015

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"If Sam Posey, the very fast and capable racing driver, writes a book, I want to read it. He has a way with words just as he did with a steering wheel and the gas pedal." 

-Dan Gurney

A Collection of Articles, Broadcast Intros and Profiles
by Sam Posey

Foreword by David Hobbs


Sam Posey is known for his originality, and "Where the Writer Meets the Road" invites you to see racing and the world of automobiles from a fresh perspective. Posey's book combines many of his best articles along with never before seen transcripts from his work in television.


For more than 40 years, racing fans have followed Sam Posey's unique career on the track, in print, and over the airwaves. Posey wrote his first article for Road & Track in 1968, the same year he drove a Chevrolet Camaro for Roger Penske's team in the Trans-Am series. In the 1970s he not only won at Sebring and finished on the podium at Le Mans, but also published a highly regarded autobiography, "The Mudge Pond Express".


Posey retired from driving in 1982, but in the years since his public profile has grown through his articles for Road & Track, Sports Illustrated and other publications, as well as his work as a television commentator. In "Where the Writer Meets the Road" Posey has selected the best of his work in both fields. The result is a remarkably varied mix of short and long pieces on subjects ranging from racing in the rain at Le Mans to test-driving the propeller-driven Wind Wagon created by his uncle Teddy in the 1920s. Posey also offers in-depth accounts of drivers he knew well and key races he competed in, along with an insider's look back at such classic series as the original Can-Am and Trans-Am Championships. There are also examples of the shorter broadcast introductions he produced for Formula One Grands Prix at Spa and Monaco, and even non-automotive events like the Iditarod sled race.


No matter what the venue or circumstances, Posey's writing captures the excitement of racing as well as an insider's understanding of how the sport really works-both on and off the track. It also reflects his innate curiosity and enthusiasm for a wide range of non-automotive interests such as painting, art, design, and architecture. For devoted fans as well as newcomers, "Where the Writer Meets the Road" delivers a unique journey through a life lived at high speed. 


$29.95 - Order HERE


Hardbound | 208 pages | 30 B&W / 25 Color photos


We won't see the actual 2015 Minichamps Catalogs for a while yet but here are the lists, Resin and Diecast of the new items announced by Minichamps for 2015. If you see something you wish to add to your collection, please let us know asap. Dealers are required to have their orders in by the weekend. Click on the links above to access pdf files of the new items.

We'll be back soon with details of that small collection of sold out Alan Fearnley and Nicholas Watts prints we mentioned last week. 

 - Paul



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