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march 14, 2013



Next week is the March Equinox.

The Council of Light shared with me today, a message about this alignment and the energetic qualities of the leading edge of life on Earth.


A beautiful affirmation of the New Reality, is that next week, the same day as the Equinox, is the first annual International Day of Happiness! This amazing celebration was adopted by the United Nations general assembly last June...read more about it here.


This is truly a time of vast and epic change in our world.  The United Nations in describing this day speaks of "happiness and well-being" redefining new economic paradigms. Pretty profound. They also speak specifically of the Equinox, saying, "each year, on this date, (March 20) a universal phenomenon occurs. The sun is on the same plane as the earthʼs equator so that day and night are of equal length, creating balance in the earthʼs celestial coordinate systems. It will be an annual global day of awareness and activities that will drive increasing levels of connectivity, education and action based programs."


In harmony with this new focus, is the emergence of the New Direction for life on Earth. 





For the past three months, in the midst of our meaning-fog, the void, the upheaval of continual clearing and release, our ongoing return to the focus of love, the standard of conscious unity and self-appreciation, has been creating structure and organizing energy. The harmonics of the new paradigm are being transmitted by our collective light. The Equinox marks a major shift in the arrival, the establishment of the New Firmament.


There is Soooooooo much to celebrate! Seems like a mighty good time for a party!


To celebrate this Global Awareness of the imperative of Joy, and the establishment of the new firmament in the New Reality, please join us our global Equinox Celebration! 




More about this day, and the description of the leading edge in the message from the Council of Light, can be found here:  



May I invite you, to orient to your radiant open heart!

To step steadily, into greater and greater authenticity... and claim the exceptional joy of your own true being!

You're beautiful!


Peace & Happiness, 






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