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October 1, 2012


Hello Shiny-One!


I am writing to share with you a new channeled message which I received from Archangel Michael and also announce the events for October and a ***VERY*** exciting new experience I've been guided to create!


His new message is very helpful for working with the energy of the recent full moon, which helped us draw in the fullness of the Equinox.  I don't know about you, but for me the Full Moon energies were quite intense!  I had an unbelievable compulsion to complete things and so was sleeves rolled up in very practical things for hours these past few days.  Now the energy has lifted a bit and I feel inspired and creative again.  


Michael's message, is so perfect for all of this!  It's available now, and is titled:

Support the Physical Manifestation of Your Ideals


In sync with this message, is the guidance for the Lightworker Collective Events for October, both of which relate to creating in physical reality expressions of our ideals.


Sunday, October 7 - The Momentum of Peace


Sunday, October 21 - Engaging the 12-Chakra System



Announcing a New Experience! 

Focus Intensive Virtual Retreats


This month I'm also launching the first of a new kind of experience I'm so inspired about and excited by!  A virtual, one-day digital small group retreat.  It's the new expression of a Focus Intensive, as I realized that I needed a way to create a space for us to go deep and work on specific very key themes to participating and living our fullest visions. The first one is on October 28th and the theme is: Liberating Expanded Self-Expression.  I'm very excited about these more intimate, deep experiences!  I see now that they fill a gap between the more energy specific Live Events and the more sustained focus done in what will now be called "workshops"--like creating your new earth business, or learning to channel.  They support the visions and inspirations that come forth in Live Events and they give us the abilities to enter into workshops or to build bigger, more substantial changes, in our lives.


The 1-Day Digital Retreats will be limited in size, so if you resonate, please sign up before they fill up.  There is also early bird-pricing available for both right now.  


There will be two this year:


Sunday, October 28th: Liberating Expanded Self-Expression

A deep exploration to liberate the experience of true self-expression without the strain of self-doubt and hesitation.  


Sunday, November 18th: Hearing & Trusting Yourself.  

In essence, exploring your relationship to claiming what you know. It's also a pre-requisite for the Cosmic Telepathy/Learning to Channel Course which will begin in early 2013.  


I'd love to share in any or all of these beautiful, nourishing collaborations with you.  For more information about the way these retreats work, and to read the specifics about each, click HERE.


As you read Michael's latest message about manifesting your ideals, take time to connect with the desires deep within you that are seeking expression as and through you.  Put them into words, write them down and commit to persevere and seek out the support and collaboration that will empower you to fulfill your inspirations!


Here's to all of us living our true lives!


Love and blessings,






For anyone who needs a direct link to the message from Michael, you can click and/or cut and paste this link into your browser: