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wednesday update | 17 september 2013




Hello Luminous One!


I greet you with immense love.

One has to have a sense of humor about the strength of the energies fueling our transformation these days. It also helps to have freedom with your schedule in order to flex and customize your sleep time! 


current energies 


The Legion of Michael transmission this week, knocked my socks off. As you are also probably feeling, it is SO major what is happening right now. The Council of Light message about all this is what I'd like to share with you today to give you another perspective on the current energies and more about what is taking place:


September Equinox 2013 - Birth of the Christ Consciousness Grid


In this message, it refers to the Christ Consciousness. Michael tells me the Christ Consciousness is being consciously aware of your true divine lineage. Jesus lived from a knowing of his true divine nature and the remembering of this. We are not only mentally beginning to realize this, emotionally absorbing it's implications, but also physically transforming by shifting into a more and more pure state of love and self-appreciation, as we consciously become multidimensional and aware of our Source, our own true divine nature and allow it to flow energetically into our field transforming the capacity of our presence.

The message from the Council of Light makes me very excited about what the rest of this year will begin to feel like! What inspiration we will each receive. What our focus will be as we are inspired from within and increasingly in a more and more unified momentum with divine will and cosmic fields of light.

These changes, while we love them and are in fact creating them, are also the root of so much of the chaos playing out in our world. Higher frequencies are destabilizing, dissolving, pushing forward into visibility, everything denser. This creates powerful potential for wholeness being experienced more and more by more and more people. 

It also can be overwhelming, intense, scary and hard to navigate.

new! equinox event this sunday

In our Equinox Event on Sunday, we will work with the energy of equanimity. For all of us, conscious in our remembering, this is a call to love ourselves with amazing community and support, and to lead and share our own energetic accomplishments with others. We can provide a stable momentum of balance and calm from within our own lives to support our whole planetary family as this chaos continues and life on Earth shifts and shifts and shifts.

Please join Archangel Michael, the Golden Dolphins, the Council of Light and I, for a Global Equinox Meditation & Live Channeling. 


Click here to read more and register! 


As each of us open more and more to our Lightbody, our crystalline energies, we will become increasingly fulfilled and experience our wholeness. Claim the lineage of your being and open to all that you are. Allow yourself to celebrate the upcoming Equinox and all that it means, knowing you have been a huge part of creating this. So many beings wished to be part of this planetary shift into a new dimension of expression, and the creation of a new expression of human being. And YOU, beautiful, are right here, front and center.

Love yourself generously.


Blessings and light,



P.S. You'll notice if you visit ExpectWonderful.com that there are some changes. I've taken meredithmurphy.com/my blog down for a little bit while I create some new things for us. There is also a new format for the home page on Expect Wonderful --"happening now" which will be updated regularly with the latest -- new channeled messages, articles, newly announced events, energy updates, offers, soar fests, e-books, workshops, etc. Check in often for inspiration and love 





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