Expect Wonderful Cosmic Perspectives for the New Earth 

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November 6th, 2012



Hello Brilliant One,


Happy Cross-Quarter Day!

Incredible energy today.


And I was wondering why, as I two humming, soaring, incredibly unusually potent readings flowed through me and then when I channeled the transmission from Archangel Michael to the Legion, the regular 1st Tuesday of the month Infusion, I learned why.


You may find it explained in more detail in his most beautiful message:

Dancing with Your Inner Sun: Building Illumination


I am very grateful for this concise, exuberant message!  I have been working on the November Energy Update, which is turning into the November through February 10th--Initiation of the Year of the Water Snake, overview-energy update...  So huge is this arc we've entered into that is just bubbling up, overlapping with the ascension arc culminating in December.  


This new arc is our bridge into the new which is already beginning in the initiation of this period of exploration and discovery as we begin to deepen our fullest commitment to ascend, by releasing more (I know...) so we can enter the eye of the needle light as a feather, and as we commit to this pathway, what is actually MOST AMAZINGLY HAPPENING is our beings are beginning this new arc--the process of re-integrating at a higher level, both our human template and our individual expression of presence.  THIS is our experience of the New Earth budding into our current lives, and today during a reading with a client I got the image of a bud with a bloom inside that was just ENORMOUS.  Like a peony, if you're not expecting it, what's blooming within us, I'm told, will blow us aware with it's sweetness, it's delicious expansive abundance.  



Here's an absolutely splendid peony, just to conjure up the feel...


Sunday is 11-11.  With this day we revisit the 11:11:11 alignment, a massive shift into more wholeness, which deepened the 10:10:10 gifts by further activating the crystalline Earth grid.  


It may be useful to revisit the message from the Council of Light about the energetic qualities of 11:11:11,


The Doorways of Infinite Time - 11:11:11


Remember with this alignment on Sunday, we re-visit these energies in a broader, deeper context as we spiral through the alignment from a higher perspective and in a new context.  


To celebrate these energies, and also to orient and prepare for the Eclipse Passage, which initiates the following Tuesday, November 13th with a Full Solar Eclipse, we will join for a Lightworker Collective Event.


Eclipse Passage
Eclipse Passage - Opening Event 
Sunday Nov. 11th


This Eclipse Passage is the last one of 2012, and of course, key to our preparation for the 12:12:12 alignment and the Solstice.  More on this in a separate email...


To join us on Sunday, please click HERE to learn more and register.


Also, just a reminder today is the last day for early-bird registration for our virtual one-day retreat:


Sunday, November 18th: Hearing & Trusting Yourself.  

In essence, exploring your relationship to claiming what you know. It's also a pre-requisite for the Cosmic Telepathy/Learning to Channel Course which will begin in early 2013. 


Incredible joy and infinite love are with us, within us, available, in abundance.


Allow yourself to not only know this, but to cultivate a felt-experience of this.  It's such a blessing to be here now!


May all beings benefit from our awakening.


Love to you, 





For anyone who needs a direct link to the message from Archangel Michael, you can click and/or cut and paste this link into your browser: