Newsletter of the ETC River Program

Week of January 15th, 2018

Dear ETC Guide Community, 

Hi! My name is Daniel Berger and I am humbled and very excited to step into the role of River Program Manager at ETC! 
I am from the North Island of New Zealand, 42 degrees below the equator. 
It is hard to grow up on a subtropical island in the middle of the South Pacific and not be drawn into what nature has to offer. My childhood was spent dedicating every spare moment to surfing, fishing or playing around on the local rivers and estuaries.

Working in this exciting industry of Adventure Education and Adventure Tourism has enabled me to work in some unique places with amazing people!   Some of my past roles included a River Guide on many of New Zealand's rivers, an Outdoor Educator on Great Barrier Island, and a K ayak Instructor and Program Manager in the Bay of Plenty.     I also have a history with the American River here in California, having worked on the North, Middle and South Forks as a guide for many seasons!

During my studies in Outdoor Leadership, I developed a deep passion and understanding of the outdoors and how to integrate diverse populations into a broad range of these environments, specializing in paddle sports.  I look forward to applying my past experience and to learn from the extended ETC family to fulfill ETC's mission.

We are heading into another great season and already have a solid crew forming! This includes Emily Ford, ETC's new River Education Coordinator! We both c an not wait to meet all of you and get to know you better. 

I encourage you to reach out to me over the next few weeks either through email, phone or in person and touch base about your availability and interest in the 2018 River Program. I would love to hear from you all!  


2018 Training Dates 

I am very excited to announce the following training dates for Spring 2018! 

May 19-20:
Inclusion training 

May 21-28:
Guide training

June 23-24:
River Rescue 

Pre-season skills refresher weekends in Late April and early May will be posted soon...

The 2018 River Schedule is live! 
It is never too early to start signing up for trips.

Reese, you will be missed!
Thank you for all your hard work and dedication to ETC.
 It has been a pleasure getting to know you over the last few months. Good luck with your new chapter in life, come and visit this season and beyond!!

Did you know that we have a YouTube channel that you can subscribe to?  Check out some of our videos here, including the "Rafting with ETC" video created by YLP alumnus Edward Garcia!