Chris Griscom Global Initiative

Dear Global Initiative Friends,

Here is some thought provoking news!  As you know, I recommend dissolving any chemtrails you see in the sky as a way of demonstrating to yourself that your consciousness can affect matter.  This is in concert with using your consciousness to de-manifest the invisible CO2 molecules from the atmosphere.  It seems that the result of this has been a verifiable reduction of them in the sky.  Here in Galisteo, we have seen almost no chemtrails over the last month, whereas we had routinely seen them appear in multitudes on a daily basis--possibly contributing to the long lasting drought we have suffered here.  I, personally, am noting less CO2 molecules in the air with a corresponding return of the bright blue skies we once had.

Galisteo, NM Sky 7/23/17

It occurs to me that the power and focus of our lasered consciousness into the sky is not only destroying the chemtrails, but could be creating a residual effect of dissolving them as they occur--or possibly creating an energy zone that protects the atmosphere from their detrimental existence.

The spraying of aerosols or chemtrails into the atmosphere with particulate matter, i.e., aluminum, micro-particles, biological elements, etc., have actually caused a whitening of our blue skies--as well as poisoning our earth and our bodies.  We know that they are purposefully executed under the guise of controlling the weather, but that they are also proven to be artificially engineered--and some are even self-replicating.  In fact, they block rain from passing down through the dirty clouds they create.

We are making a difference and participating in the blocking of chemtrails is an essential part of it! (To those of you who are witnessing similar results, thank you for letting us know!) This is very positive and exciting proof that you are truly protecting our planet and all its beautiful life forms!

Wherever you are, please continue to look up at the sky and as you consciously de-manifest the chemtrails, hold in your mind that all the particulate matter they create are also dissolved with them and then super-impose the image of a beautiful blue sky into your focused command!

I am giving you my activation video once again to send out to the world--please dear friends, ask everyone you know to join this Global Initiative.

I send you my profound gratitude and Great Love,
Chris Griscom

Global Initiative Activation Video