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Happy Holidays, friends!

YES! Our Christmas record, Joy to the World, several years in the making, is HERE! And we LOVE IT!!!!! It's a collaboration with our dear longtime friend Ben Demerath, along with Dave Chalfant, Anand Nayak and other guest musicians (see below for complete list), and it is available this Tuesday, November 28! We are celebrating with a big CD release party in New Haven Connecticut at First Presbyterian Church on Whalley Ave, as part of the CT Folk Songs series. That's THIS FRIDAY, December 1! We will also be performing our annual Eat Sing and Be Merry show, but at The Parlor Room on Dec. 16 (and not at Paul & Elizabeth's as we usually do). Instead of brunch, it will be a 2pm show. PIE from the Pie Bar will be served! So we are calling the concert, Christmas Pie. As usual, we will sing traditional and non-traditional Christmas songs, and we will have lyrics available. On December 17, we will be participating in an interfaith service at Congregation B'Nai Israel, leading (non-Christmas) songs of hope and peace. Yes, there will be Caroling with the Animals at 3pm on Dec. 23, and as usual, we will be performing on First Night Northampton, three shows: 4pm and 5pm Family shows, and a 7pm Concert, all at First Churches in Northampton.

Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Good Kwaanza, Joy, health, love and peace for the new year. We love you, and on this Thanksgiving Sunday, we are counting you all among our gratitudes.

Nerissa & Katryna

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Tour 2017 Tour Schedule      

Dec. 1 First Fridays Ct Folk Society in New Haven CT
Dec. 16 The Parlor Room Northampton, Christmas Carol singing and Christmas album release party! With pie!
Dec. 17 Shine a Light: A Chanukah Celebration of Justice with the Nields at Congregation B'Nai Israel, Northampton MA
Dec. 31 Northampton First Night 4pm and 5pm Family Shows, 7pm Concert at First Churches of Northampton

And some 2018 dates...
Jan 27 Rockwood, NYC Full Band show!
Feb. 3 Iron Horse  Northampton MA Full Band show!
March 24 New Revival Coffeehouse, Stow MA (tickets available here)
April 14 Immanuel Presbyterian Church, McLean VA
April 28 Passim

Joy to the World

The Nields with Ben Demerath. Our long-awaited Christmas album is here at last! 

Track Listing
  1. Go Tell it on the Mountain
  2. The Friendly Beasts
  3. Angels We Have Heard on High
  4. Joy to the World
  5.  Away in the Manger
  6. Children, Go Where I Send Thee
  7.  Deck the Hall
  8. Gloustershire Wassail
  9. In the Bleak Midwinter
  10. Christmas Carol
  11. O Come All Ye Faithful
  12.  Mary Had a Baby
  13.  Merry Christmas, Mr. Jones
  14. Please to See the King
  15.  Jesus Was a Refugee
  16.  Silent Night
Most of these tracks were recorded last summer and this summer, with Ben and us around a few mics, all recorded live. There are a handful of Nields Christmas songs, as you can see, which we recorded over the years, but most of the material is classic Christmas tunes. We love this record. And even though I have a rule of no Christmas music till Dec. 1, I have broken it by listening to our mixes. And you know what? It's totally put me in the mood for the holidays.

Get your copies here

Nerissa & Katryna Endorse


Katryna's Endorsements
1. The most important thing I can think of to endorse is Net Neutrality. Do you enjoy free access to the internet? Well, the FCC is about to change all that. Call your Congresspeople. Call the FCC. TELL THEM. Nothing has ever been this important. The powers that be will be able to control our access to information. We have to do whatever we can to stop this. Today. Call Today.  

Mikael Lee Simpson  Explained it well on Facebook.  '
We see you enjoy looking at Facebook - unfortunately, that's no longer in our basic internet package. However, for an additional $15/month on your internet bill, we'll give you access to Facebook and LinkedIn - add an extra $5 if you want the Twitter and Snapchat add-on. Additionally, we've noticed that you watch a lot of Netflix and, unfortunately, that's no longer available in our standard package - the Netflix/Hulu package will give you unlimited streaming, for just an additional $20/month.'
"Furthermore, companies can pay so that they're the only website your ISP will show, regardless of what you pay. IE: FoxNews can pay Verizon a huge sum of money so that they're the only news source available to look at via Verizon Fios internet. If you're right-leaning and enjoy FoxNews, then imagine CNN doing so."  MORE INFO:

2. The second most important thing I can think of is to try to help to get Doug Jones elected in Alabama. Do you know anyone in Alabama? Ask them what you can do to help! Having Roy Moore as a Senator is an insult to our morality. 

3. The third most important thing I can think of is to feed yourself with art and music and culture and love your neighbors.  We don't have a lot of control of the global political world, but we do have control over how we spend our time and energy. I endorsed this play--Indecent by Paula Vogel--after I had the great good fortune of seeing it on Broadway just after the director,   Rebecca Taichman,  won the TONY for it. Not that I saw all the other plays of the year, but I think the whole play deserved the Tony. It is a breathtaking production and a beautiful play. The play is based on the true story of a Yiddish play attempting a Broadway run in the 1930s. But it is also about love and loss and art and trust and life. The incredible thing is that they FILMED the production for Great Performances and now you can see it in its entirety.

Nerissa Endorses
1. Lady Bird: a beautiful coming of age story, starring Saoirse Ronan and Laurie Metcalf. I am having trouble expressing in words why this movie is so great, and I am releived to see that even the reviewer for the New York Times also struggled with the same thing, so I will take the easy way out and quote the article. THe reviewer calls Lady Bird's family is "relistically and honestly portrayed." 
That might make "Lady Bird" sound drab and dutiful, but it's the opposite. I wish I could convey to you just how thrilling this movie is. I wish I could quote all of the jokes and recount the best offbeat bits. I'd tell you about the sad priest and the football coach, about the communion wafers and the Sacramento real estate, about the sly, jaunty editing rhythms, the oddly apt music choices and the way Ms. Ronan drops down on the grass in front of her house when she receives an important piece of mail. I'm tempted to catalog the six different ways the ending can make you cry.
I'll settle for one: the bittersweet feeling of having watched someone grow in front of your eyes, into a different and in some ways improved version of herself. In life, that's a messy, endless process, which is one reason we need movies. Or to put it another way, even though Lady Bird will never be perfect, "Lady Bird" is.

2. Roxane Gay I just finished her memoir, Hunger and am now reading Bad Feminist. I find her voice electric and compelling, and I am blown away by her brilliance and honesty. 

3. Pod Save America is my current favorite podcast. Four Obama staffers joined forces a year ago to create a new voice on the internet to oppose the deluge of right wing propaganda. They are funny, brilliant, engaged and of course fonts of great information on whatever is in the current. You can subscribe and listen to these guys on Mondays and Thursdays.

Nerissa is blogging daily about the new Writing It Up in the Garden Studio in her backyard. Read all about it here!
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