New Closeouts by Speed and Strength! 

On Friday, our distributor for SS unexpectedly put six product groups on closeout status.  We have those prices changed and they are ready for ordering.  These products will be shipped from our distributor's stock and all retailers have access to the lower pricing, so how long these last is anybody's guess, but I'd venture that it won't be long.  If you see something you've been wanting, grab it! 

Below is a summary list of products that are new closeouts:

These are great leather sport pants for under two hundred shipped, which is quite rare. 

What's Left:  36 thru 42

MSRP:  $299.95

Now:  $189 + Free Shipping! 

This jacket features Knox CE approved armor in the shoulders, elbows and back in a simply styled water resistant jacket. The Knox armor is very substantial for a jacket in this price range. 

What's Left:  Grey/Black in Small, Med, Large, XL and XXXL

MSRP:  $199.95

Now:  $146 + Free Shipping! 

The overall feel of the jacket is that of a well broken-in canvas army style jacket, but with Knox protective armor. The material used is definitely cotton based and it is very soft and comfortable. 

What's Left:  Black in Small thru XXL;  Grey in XL and XXL

MSRP:  $199.95

Now:  $143 + Free Shipping! 

Hmmm...  a hoodie with armor?  Not sure about this one.  Maybe wear it under an otherwise uninsulated riding jacket?  Dunno, but here it is on sale.

What's Left:  Small, Med or XL

MSRP:  $109.95

Now:  $85  

This one gets my personal endorsement.  I think this design of a textile jacket with a hoodie as insulation is a great idea.  You get double duty out of the package.  I also like the white/black look... and check out the percentage discount... wow!

What's Left:  Medium, Large or XL

MSRP:  $199.95

Now:  $116 + Free Shipping! 

New Product Reviews, Pics and Fit Check:

REV'IT! Nitric H2O Rain Jacket   The materials used in the Nitric H2O rain jacket allow for the jacket to pack away in a very small space. In fact the jacket comes in its own little storage pouch for easy stowage. The material feels sturdy and not too heavy, nor too light. It has the usual rainsuit features... (more)

 Alpinestars Montreal Shoes  We wouldn't advocate wearing these shoes on a motorcycle because they really don't have any protective qualities for that purpose (in fact, the speed lace arrangement is almost asking for entanglement on moving parts), but we offer them because our customers wear shoes too!... (more)

Alpinestars Arbiter Gloves  What a strange choice in name for a glove?? (definition: One chosen or appointed to judge or decide a disputed issue; an arbitrator.). Oh well, aside from the name, I really like this Arbiter glove. It is lightweight and should be very comfortable in mild or hot weather. I like the large pull tab that lets you pull the gloves on your hand without yanking at seams that might otherwise give way after a while.... (more)

Alpinestars Vapor Elbow and Knee Guards  Click through and have a look at the pics (which say 1000 words).  These armor pieces are affordable and well made.  These will eventually replace the Reflex line of elbow/knee armor we have been selling for years.  These are great for wearing under non-armored clothing to add some reasonable impact protection.  (more)

Icon Turnbuckle Gloves  ...after you get past the style, IMHO, this is just a plain leather short cuff street glove, uh, err, for $90 bucks. I also thought the knuckle padding on the back of the hand was in an odd place and didn't feel comfortable. And that large METAL logo stitched just over the knuckles looks like it could become more of a weapon to your hand than anything if it catches and turns upon impact. If you want a Turnbuckle glove, we'll sell it to you, but personally I'm not a fan.. (more)

And, to not leave you today on a sour note, I leave you with a bit of humor.... 
Safely Problem at Deer Crossings May be Solved!

Find out how:
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