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July 13-14, 2017 - Ocala, Florida  


This course will provide a foundation for understanding the basics of using cellular data in criminal investigations starting with how to obtain it through how to interpret, prepare, analyze, and map it.
Cell phone records, including cell site location information, are some of the most useful but misunderstood forms of investigative data. Cellphones are everywhere and are widely used by people who commit crimes ranging from crimes of passion/opportunity to those involved in criminal networks - the ability to understand and access this information for investigations and prosecutions is not an option.   
1. The basics of cellular networks and technology.
2. How to prepare a subpoena, court order, or search warrant for call detail records,
    cellular location data, message content, and IP addresses.
3. How to prepare and analyze the records using Microsoft Excel.
4. How to plot the data using Google Earth Pro and using free analysis and mapping
    software available to law enforcement.
5. How to use screen-capturing tools (included) to aid in creating a case-file and
    for trial exhibits.
6. How to use the analyses and maps in the investigation and prepare for trial.
Two-Day Course Outline
The practical applications are very important and allow the student to work through real-world investigation problems and identify weak areas before leaving the classroom. There are no programs to purchase or licenses to renew.
1. Cellular network overview.
2. Cellular data in criminal investigations.
3. Cellular service provider records.
4. Obtaining the records.
5. Preparing the records for analysis and import.
6. Working with Google Earth Pro.
7. Working with free mapping programs for law enforcement.
8. Exigent or emergency circumstances - phone pings.
9. Basic data analysis.
10. Practical applications.
11. Tower dump overview.

Kevin Metcalf has served as a police officer, Border Patrol Agent, SWAT team member, field training officer and police instructor.  After the attacks of 9-11, Kevin worked as a Federal Air Marshall, serving as a team leader for several international missions.  Following his time in law enforcement, Kevin attended the University of Arkansas-School of Law where he obtained his Juris Doctor degree.  He now serves as a deputy district attorney prosecuting felony and misdemeanor crimes. Kevin is a graduate of the National Computer Forensics Institute and is an expert in the use of cell phone and cell tower technology in criminal investigations. Kevin's vast experience as a police officer and prosecutor gives him a unique perspective and insight on how this technology can be used to build a criminal case from the streets to the courtroom.
TARGET AUDIENCE: All members of the criminal justice community (sworn or non-sworn).  Training is especially valuable for criminal investigations officers and prosecutors.  
LENGTH :      16 Hour Training
Ocala Police Department 
402 South Pine Avenue 
Ocala, Florida 34471
  • Thursday-Friday, July 13-14, 2017
  • Class starts at 8:00 AM Sharp - and ends at 5:00 PM (EST)   
COST       $349.00 per person
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