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July 21, 2017 - Missouri City, Texas (Houston Area)


Eligible for TCOLE APPROVAL   


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 We know you can write a good police report, that's why you
 are a supervisor.  But, as a supervisor, you are responsible
 for everyone's police reports.  

So, as a supervisor, do you really know how to review a police report?
Whether you are a new supervisor, or have years of experience, this class will help you to know what is important in a police report in order to create a more thorough investigation and successful prosecution!
This is not a grammar class, or a report writing class.  This is a class that will help you review a police report for accuracy and completeness.  
Have you ever heard of Brady v. Maryland, or Giglio v. United Sates?  If your answer to that question is NO, then you need to attend this training.  These cases and others are important for you to know to keep you and your agency from costly litigation. So, be aware and be informed.
This course is taught in a participative style so participants are asked to forward a copy of a police report* they have recently investigated to the trainers when they register for the class.

Gerald Ladwig retired as Chief of the Midland Michigan Police Department. His 24 year Law Enforcement career now continues as a member of the Midland County Prosecutor's Office. He has many years of experience testifying in court, and has directed several trials and hearings as an assistant prosecutor. Gerald has received numerous training certificates throughout his career, including graduating from LEELI, the Eastern Michigan University School of Staff and Command, as well as the FBI Michigan Police Executive Development Program. Gerald has served as an instructor for the Northeastern Police Academy at Delta College and is an adjunct faculty member at Delta College. 

All members of the criminal justice and legal community (sworn and non-sworn). 

  • Missouri City Texas Police Department
    3849 Cartwright Road
    Missouri City, Texas  77459
    (A list of area hotels is available on the registration site) 

· Friday, July 21, 2017
· Class starts at 8:00 AM Sharp -  and ends at 5:00 PM (Local Time)
COST:     $199 per person

· Please follow the page prompts for quick, easy registration and confirmation.

·  Check made payable to:
   3681 Loma Farm Road
   Tallahassee, FL  32309
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·  Credit Card payment made online at

· Upon submission of this registration, participants are responsible
  for payment of this course
· Please note that if you do not attend, you are still responsible for payment.
· Substitutions may be made at any time by phone, e-mail or online
  at the registration site.  

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