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Advanced Grow Labs:
Arriving Thurs day (4/19) afternoon

Sativarin K 29.99 4395 (Sativa):
$45.00 / 3.5 grams or $84.00/ 7 grams
THC-A:  29.30%, THC:  0.69%

CT Pharmaceutical Solutions
Arriving  Thursday (4/19) afternoon 

Unigen T56 4187 CK (Indica): 
$44.00/ 1 gram
THC-A:  53.63%, THC:  2.32%, CBG-A:  1.73%

Fioraden D T50 4185 CK (Indica): 
$44.00/ 1 gram
THC-A:  48.94%, THC:  1.43%, CBG-A:  2.37%

Lexikan T50 4186 CK (Sativa): 
$44.00/ 1 gram
THC-A:  48.72%, THC:  1.10%, CBG-A:  0.53%

Arriving  Friday (4/20) afternoon 

Rainbow Oil L C100 T50 CBD Slim 4530 Strawberry
(CBD/Hybrid):  $19.00/1 SLIM VAPE
THC:  13.0%, CBD:  26.2%
*Contains fractionated MCT Oil (derived from coconut oil)

Lavender T23% I 4534 (Indica):
$38.00/ 3.5 grams or $70.00/ 7 grams
THC-A:  22.8%, THC:  0.43%
*Limited Supply Available*

Sapphire T22% H 4537 (Hybrid):
$38.00/ 3.5 grams or $70.00/ 7 grams
THC-A:  21.7%, THC:  0.39%

Citron T28% S 4532 Select Grind (Sativa): 
$32.00/ 3.5 grams of  Select Grind Flower
THC-A:  27.6%, THC:  0.20%

"Select Grind" is a result of breaking up the dried flower
to a more refined product, ideal for vaporization or rolling in paper.

Silver Oil D T240 H Slim 4546- 0.55ml (Hybrid): 
$40.00/1 Slim Vape or $140.00/4
THC:  43.5%, CBC:  0.73% 
*Contains fractionated MCT Oil (derived from coconut oil)

Lavender Oil A T240 I Slim 4548 - 0.55ml (Indica): 
$40.00/1 Slim Vape or $140.00/4
THC-A:  0.42%, THC:  43.9%
*Contains fractionated MCT Oil (derived from coconut oil)

Indigo Oil E T240 H Slim 4554 - 0.53ml (Hybrid):
$40.00/1 Slim Vape or $140.00/4
THC:  45.5%, CBC:  0.53%. 
*Contains fractionated MCT Oil (derived from coconut oil)

Scarlett Oil H T240 S Slim 4556 - 0.58ml (Sativa):
$40.00/1 Slim Vape or $140.00/4
THC: 41.4%, CBG:  0.89%, CBC:  0.53%
*Contains fractionated MCT Oil (derived from coconut oil)

Silver Oil D T250 H Cartridge 4545 - 0.58ml (Hybrid):
$45.00/ 1 Cartridge or $160.00/4
THC:  43.5%, CBC:  0.73%
*Contains fractionated MCT Oil (derived from coconut oil)

Lavender Oil A T250 I Cartridge 4547 - 0.6ml (Indica):
$45.00/ 1 Cartridge or $160.00/4
THC:  43.9%
*Contains fractionated MCT Oil (derived from coconut oil)

Indigo Oil E T250 H Cartridge 4553 - 0.58ml (Hybrid):
$45.00/ 1 Cartridge or $160.00/4
THC:  45.5%, CBC:  0.53%
*Contains fractionated MCT Oil (derived from coconut oil)

Arriving Friday (4/20) afternoon 

Shanibrid T24 4467 (Hybrid):          
$36.00/ 3.5 grams or $66.00/ 7 grams
THC-A:  23.7%, THC:  0.40%, CBG-A:  0.50%

Aniva T2.5 4469 Capsules (Sativa):                   
$11.00/ 1 bottle (10 capsules)
THC: 2.78mg per capsule

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Due to an increase in volume, if at the time of pick up only a portion of the order is purchased, the remainder of the order must be purchased within the next 72 hours.
No exceptions.
Any order that does not get purchased within that time-frame will be returned to stock.
If you place an online order and need to make any changes, please call the dispensary at 860-331-8918.  This will avoid any dispensing errors.
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*If placing an order outside of our business hours, orders will be ready an hour after opening the next business day.

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