Live the Good Life cooking Oaxacan Delicacies in a Beachfront Mansion

Big News:  Say Hello to our 
New Beach Destination!

La Villa Bonita and Amalys Mexico have teamed up to offer an incredible Puerto Escondido beach-side experience. Chef Ana has found the ideal location for her long-awaited Oaxacan package.  Amalys is true luxury with 8 fabulous bedrooms, its own beach club (even though it is on the beach!), jacuzzi, architectural award-winning pool that runs the length of the property, beautiful, natural landscaping, 2 kitchens -- all on a tranquil and underpopulated beach. Sound like paradise?  
Discover one of the best beach destination in Mexico.  Puerto Escondido was named by The New York Times as one of the "Places to Visit in 2017" for its tranquil beaches, wonderful cuisine, and burgeoning art scene.   
Chef Ana explains her reason for the move, "I have always wanted to do a Oaxacan week.  I LOVE the food, the culture, the traditions.  When we found this incredible property right on the beach that I knew my guests would love, we decided to make the move to offer a new experience. Oaxaca has a deep culinary tradition and I look forward to passing along that tradition to our guests."
We have two weeks (Feb. 3 and Feb 10) and we had reservations even before we announced.  This is an incredible opportunity to learn traditional central and coastal Oaxacan cuisine in pure luxury. Rooms are going incredibly fast. Reserve your room! There will not be space if you wait too long!
Check out the following links for more info: (general package info) (package photos gallery)
"This tiny culinary school is a dream for any traveler."
La Villa Bonita Vogue _a dream for any traveler_
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