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ENERGY STAR for New Homes Standard Version 12.8 and Version 17.0 Ontario

Natural Resources Canada has announced the release of the ENERGY STAR for New Homes (ESNH) Standard Version 12.8 and Version 17.0 Ontario.     
Version 12 enrollments will no longer be accepted after August 31, 2017 .

Read more about Standard Version 12.8 and Version 17.0 Ontario
EnerQuality Reaches 75,000 Homes Labeled Milestone

In February, EnerQuality - the #1 certifier of energy efficient homes in the country - reached a new milestone: labeling its 75,000th ENERGY STAR home.
Since the modest start of just 96 labeled homes in 2006, EnerQuality now labels more than 5,000 homes each year.  EQ builders range from the large - with developments of more than 100+ homes per - to small custom firms building just one or two homes each year. 
"ENERGY STAR has been the most effective tool in the government's toolbox to influence the marketplace towards greater energy efficiency and less carbon," Corey McBurney, president of EnerQuality said.

ENERGY STAR Training Coming to Ottawa and Waterloo 

With the recent release of the ENERGY STAR for New Homes 2017 Standard, it's time to get up to speed.

The next round of training is in Ottawa (May 2-3, with Ross Elliott) and Waterloo (May 16-17, with Andy Oding). 

For those new to ESNH, and those in need of a refresher, there's Part 1: Advanced Building Science, a strongly-recommended pre-requisite to Part 2, covering the building science principles behind energy-efficient construction. 

In Part 2: 2017 Standard, learn what's new, the ROI of ESNH, improved strategies for success, and how ESNH 2017 and the latest Ontario Building Code will work together.

Early Bird Prices (ending April 21): 
$199 per day for HBA members 
$229 non-members.

CEEA Presents American Perspective on Energy Efficiency 

Has Energy Efficiency been Trumped?

Are Trump's massive EPA cuts going to survive?

Is Energy Star finished? Where does our industry stand?
On April 19th, 2017, CEEA joins with Keynote luncheon speaker Kateri Callahan, President of the Alliance to Save Energy, to deliver an American perspective on these questions to a Canadian audience.

The Business Forum addressing the latest trends in the energy efficiency business here in Canada, luncheon and AGM are taking place in Toronto at the St. Andrew's Club & Conference Centre.
Springtime Means Spring Training

April 23-25 is the annual Spring Training Camp, hosted by Building Knowledge, McLeod Associates and RDH Building Science Laboratories. Camp will give you cause to rethink housing and housing conferences. 

Speakers range from building engineers to communications consultants, and it's an  event where the format, venue and informal setting come together to deepen the experience between participants and speakers. Join other industry leaders - builders, renovators and industry professionals - to discuss issues and topics that challenge the home building industry today.
Introducing EnerQuality's Jack of All Trades

Program Coordinator Kain Allicock has flitted through a number of departments at EnerQuality in the last couple of years, first on Marketing and Events, then Quality Assurance; now he's part of the team involved with the Union Gas Optimum Home program. 
Before coming to the building industry, the Jack of All Trades played in the Ontario Hockey League from 2007-2010. After obtaining a Sports Business degree at University of Waterloo, he also played a season with the ECHL's Missouri Mavericks. 
Kain asks that you not look for his hockey fight compilation video on YouTube. Really. Don't. 
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Program  Coordinator

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