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  New Faces at Leilani Farm Sanctuary

The Sanctuary came to the aid to several discarded cats, rabbits, guinea pigs, and a turtle; and also a family of three ducks who survived being attacked by dogs. They are all adjusting well to their new environment in paradise and seem very happy.

              Ramona                                       Simba                                  Elvis

                 Mason                                    Tabatha                                 Begonia

Your donation helps us provide food, bedding, shelter, and veterinary care for them.  Sponsors receive adoption certificates with pictures of their animals and hand-written cards telling their stories.  Please visit our   Sponsorship Page  to participate.

Chickens Have a New Roof Over Their Heads

Thanks to generous supporters, we were able to install a solid roof over our 2,100-square-foot chicken aviary. Many of the rescued hens had lived in cages where they were exploited for egg=production. Some of the roosters were liberated from cock-fighting operations. They are now safe, loved, and protected at the Sanctuary.

Pasture Needed for Grazing Animals

Nutrient-rich grass will be planted on an acre of land

In order to provide more forage for the donkeys, goats, and deer, we recently cleared many invasive Juniper Berry trees that were spreading and preventing the grass from growing in a one-acre pasture. We replaced the weed trees with picturesque Rainbow Shower trees which will also give the animals shade. 
Our next step is biomass planting:  Cynodon niemfuensis (a nutritious grass species) will be harvested from another farm on the island, transported to the Sanctuary, and planted with a special tractor attachment. The cost of excavating the invasive trees was $2,000, and now it is going to cost another $1,000 for the biomass planting.   

           To donate toward the animals' new pasture, please click here .     

Grazing Animals to Benefit from New Pasture


About the Sanctuary


Home to goats, rabbits, geese, donkeys, cats, pigs, ducks, deer, tortoises guinea pigs chickens, a dog and a turtle, Leilani Farm Sanctuary is located on an 8-acre farm in Haiku, Maui. It is an all-volunteer, non-profit organization created to provide shelter and care for rescued animals, humane education to the community, and model of compassionate living.


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