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Message From Meg

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As CLF moves into May, we will be reflecting on the theme of Holding On and Letting Go. Some things, like the weather, we simply can't control-I may be perfectly willing to let go of winter but I don't get a vote on that one. (I do, however, get to choose how I respond. So far, I'm choosing to be grumpy. It is snowing here in Minnesota as I write this!)


I am also grumpy that beloved interns will be leaving this summer, so much so that I'm not even ready to say yet who is leaving and where they'll be going. I tend to stick with denial as long as I can when saying goodbye. I'll talk more about that next week.


But, I am thrilled to be telling you that we have fabulous new learners joining our 2014-2015 collective! We'll tell you more about them overtime. For now, please welcome: Elizabeth Bukey, who will be joining our worship team, Bob LaVallee, who will be doing a general congregational internship, Jordinn Long, who will be engaged in pastoral ministries, and Kari Kopnick (the first religious educator, non-seminarian to join us!), who will be ramping up online learning and faith development.


We were privileged to receive many applications and we could not be more excited about this new group of folks coming our way in late summer!


Meanwhile, I hope you are holding on to just what you want right now and letting go of the rest!




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We're pleased to announce the slate of new team members we are bringing on for next year: Bob LaVallee, Jordinn Long, Elizabeth Bukey and Kari Kopnick!  

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