January 2017
Panim Hadashot- New Faces
A Message from Rabbi Dov Gartenberg
Dear Friend of Panim Hadashot-New Faces,  

As we enter 2017, we look forward to expanding our efforts to revitalize the practice of Jewish hospitality.  Why Jewish hospitality?  We passionately believe that the ancient Jewish practice of hospitality in a pluralistic society is a powerful and transforming spiritual-ethical practice. In fact, during this time when pluralism and tolerance is under assault from many directions, we feel that the intentional practice of hospitality is one of the ways we make a stand for a just and inclusive society.  There are many dimensions to Jewish Hospitality as we understand it. I invite you to read or comment at our New Faces Blog to participate in the conversation about the meaning and practice of Jewish Hospitality in our times.    

Our programmatic focus is establishing "Shabbat Hosting Partnerships" with Jewish households in and around Seattle.  What is a hosting partnership?  New Faces-Panim Hadashot partners with hosts to create a beautiful home Sabbath events.  We bring beautiful Jewish music with our Heart of Shabbat Ensemble and inspired conversation and timely Jewish teachings. Our hosts invite their circle of friends. Between us we invite a few new faces to share in this intimate and lovely Shabbat experience. Each Shabbat event is customized to the host partner.  There is no charge in being a host partner.  Please join us in revitalizing the practice of Jewish Hospitality.   

This year our hope is that our calendar will fill with dozens of Shabbat events in homes and in common rooms.  We believe that these events will snowball and will expose many to the joys and rewards of hospitality and sharing our bounty with "new faces."   If you are interested in hosting, please contact us to set up a hosting partnership.   

Rabbi Dov Gartenberg, Convener
Hospitality Alert 
An Invitation to New Faces to Join Panim Hadashot
and our Hosts for a Shabbat Dinner and Tish
on Friday, January 6, 2017

Our hosting partners, Max Likin and Nancy Isenberg of the View Ridge neighborhood in Seattle, invite new faces to join us for an evening with the Heart of Seattle Ensemble. They welcome you to our table to meet new people and to share in a beautiful Shabbat evening and feast.

Because of limited space they can accommodate up to six people.  If you would like to join us, please contact Rabbi Gartenberg as soon as possible at dov@panimhadashot.org or 206 739-9924 who will give you the details.     
Practice Jewish Hospitality
Sign up to be a Shabbat Hosting Partner with Panim Hadashot-New Faces 

For more information go to: 
http:// panimhadashot.org/hosting-partnerships/.

Upcoming January 2016
 Four Unforgettable Jewish Short Stories
A Four Part Series from January-April 2017 
Facilitated by Rabbi Dov Gartenberg
View Ridge Neighborhood, Northend Seattle
Rescheduled:  First Session, Monday, Jan 9th 7-8:30pm

Hesed-Support for Persons Caring for a Loved One Living with a Mental Illness.
JFS-NAMI Family Support Group
First Wednesdays, 6:30-8pm
JFS Facility in Seattle
Rabbi Gartenberg is a mental health advocate and peer facilitator supporting family members who are caring for a loved one living with a mental illness. Jewish cultural sensitivities around mental illness are addressed.  The support group is free.  Panim Hadashot-New Faces is a cosponsor of this program.  An RSVP is required to attend. See the link for contact information.  

On the Spirituality of Jewish Hospitality

News about Panim Hadashot-New Faces 
Joey Weisenberg Leading Community Singing
Joey Weisenberg Leading Singing in His Signature Singing Circle. 

Ari Joshua and Rabbi Dov Gartenberg attended the Singing Communities Intensive led by Joey Weisenberg of  Mechon Hadar in New York City from Dec. 19-22nd.  Joey is an amazing musician, composer, and teacher of Jewish music.  He has an extraordinary gift-the ability to create community through song.  His mesmerizing niggunim and original Jewish music is riveting. We sang for fours days for hours on end. Both of us are still on an incredible "high" from this experience. We are planning on introducing some of this music in January and the coming months. 

You learn more about Joey and his wonderful work by going to this link.  We are looking forward to sharing his music and his Torah.  LINK 

  • Rav Todot to Shabbat hosting partners Nancy Simon and Mark Igra for hosting a beautiful Friday night Tish and Shabbat feast at their home  on December 2nd.    
  • Rav Todot to Craig Matthews and the staff of the Jewish Federation of Greater Seattle for collaborating on the Pop Up Shabbat in downtown Seattle on December 16th. 
  • Rav Todot to Mariya Shapran for her tech support.  
  • Rab Todot for contributions in December to Panim Hadashot-New Faces  from the the Igra-Simon Family, Joe King, the Spitzers, the Richmonds, Marc and Joan Gartenberg, Marty and Judy Meer, Rebecca Kun,  and Mariya Shapran.  
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