Easter Worship
Welcoming New Family
She is 14 years old and she walks a few blocks from her home to come to church, by herself.  She is eager to know more about God and recently asked to be baptized.  This young lady is excited about knowing God more.  She asks for prayer that her family would come to follow Christ as well.  
This past week I spoke with another new family that has been a part of the Lake Worth community for many years but they are not followers of Christ.  Through a friend and our flyer they were invited to Sunlight. Something is moving in their hearts and they want to return to discover more.
I tell you these stories because this is what so many of you have prayed for since this journey of Sunlight Lake Worth began.  All the training, changes and faith in God's power is producing fruit.  God, by His grace, is bringing people to Himself.  In case I haven't told you recently, I wanted you to know, He is accomplishing His work through us here at Sunlight!
Kaysha, Deb, Krista
Drew, Kris, Kollin
Sometimes our choices put us on a path we did not expect. Sometimes those choices fill us with a mixture of regret, guilt, sorrow and at the very same time hope, anticipation and joy. Few things fill you with all those powerful emotions at the same time the way an unexpected pregnancy does.   Our daughter Krista will give birth to a child in August. 
I will not soon forget the feeling of my strong and independent daughter sobbing in my arms the day she shared the news.  She worried for me as a pastor and how it might impact my work and she worried for what it meant for our future and for hers. She knew she was not ready to be a mom and her boyfriend, Jon, not ready to be a father.  Ready or not, here we go.  God has given Krista and Jon incredible wisdom and strength in the days since.  We are very proud of both of them for handling things so well.
The leaders of Sunlight Church and our new friends and family here have been incredibly gracious and supportive.  We feel deeply loved by many who have heard the news.  It is not news that is easy to share.  But, like always, when we share our brokenness it points people to God's glory and for that, we are thankful. (II Corinthians 12) 
We are also thankful and extremely excited for the arrival of this new child.  She is born smack dab in the middle of a work of God here at Sunlight Church.  Through the years, we will track her age with the age of this church.  As we wobble through our toddler years of ministry, she too will learn to walk and hold herself steady.  She will shape our lives and our ministry in ways we do not yet know or understand.  I can't wait to be a grandpa to this little girl.
I wanted all of you to know this news for many reasons: 
  1. You pray for us, for the ministry of Sunlight and for us as a family.   We need your prayers.  There are many unanswered questions for our family, for Krista and her boyfriend, and for this new baby.
  2. Confession: Though we don't always make the right choices, we need to try harder to be honest and open about the wrong ones. Pregnancy pushes us to be open and honest because its impossible to hide!  It is our prayer and hope that the people of this community will come to a place of repentance so they can know the grace of God.  God has given us a unique opportunity to lead the way.
  3. Share in our joy! Though not all is as we would like it to be, there is joy at the heart of it.  We do not put our hope in human frailty but in the God who makes all things new!
For more about finding God's grace in the midst of news like ours please read this great article my grandma sent to us: When the Wages of Sin are A Baby.
Praise & Prayer
  • Pray for Amanda Albuquerque as she investigates the possibility of a PreSchool/VPK program here at Sunlight.
  • Pray God continues to bring people from the community to our church as He has been doing so powerfully.
  • Pray as some of our faithful winter residents return north.  We will miss their presence!
  • Praise for a wonderful Easter celebration!
  • Pray for our worship leader Jon Acosta and his fiance Jileimy Hernandez as they prepare for their wedding day: May 21! (two more of our praise team members Endy and Hector were also wedded April 16)
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