Pulsatilla pratensis | Pasque Flower | Native herbaceous perennial 
Spring Events
Heidi_s GrowHaus
Heidi has created a calendar of fun and educational opportunities and workshops this year! 
Let us know if you have a certain topic you would like to see added into the mix. Ask about private workshops, too!
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Feb. 13: 6 - 8:00 PM
Terrarium Workshop 
Learn how to make your own terrarium, or make one for your Valentine!
Heidi_s Terrariums
March 13: 6 - 8:00 PM:
Heidi presents a PowerPoint on
The Future of 

Planting Workshop:
Saturday, April 21:
10 AM - 2:00 PM
Pansy Pots!
Check out our Events listings for ongoing updates!
Around Town
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See Heidi's recent segment 
Heidi on Kare 11
Heidi brought two of the many exciting new products GrowHaus will carry  this year
Dauer LED lighting
Beautiful, artistic and Zen outdoor LED light 
This all-permeable, realistic-looking synthetic turf from EasyTurf 
is perfect for creating pet areas in the yard. 
Every square inch of it will drain! 
The unique rinse-clean drainage technology saves money and water!
Women Who Lead
Minnesota Business
Heidi Heiland has been named an honoree by Minnesota Business magazine in their list of  "Women Who Lead" 
for 2018!
Women on this list are acknowledged for taking the lead in their respective industries, 
and for introducing new voices to the business community. 
Congratulations, Heidi!
Did You Know...
Did You Know...
Melding Nature with Mindfulness 
Improves Your Health
Surrounding yourself with plants, indoors and out, is proven to boost 
your immune system 
and your mood!
Deciduous Forest
The term "forest bathing" is used to describe 
an effort to slow down and immerse yourself in nature. The sights, smells and sounds of a natural, wooded environment will reduce stress quickly.
Did You Know...
Creating a stone pathway in your woodland yard, 
or a permeable pathway in your garden  are easy ways to encourage short walks  of tranquility 
in your own spaces. 
Heidi_s Lifestyle Gardens
Did You Know...
Children benefit as much as we do from having outdoor spaces that foster fun with nature, 
to disconnect from our over-stimulated world. Adding whimsical features or even a small bench in the midst of a garden can inspire, and encourage reflection.
Bloom On
We are designing new gardens and landscapes for the Spring season right now. 
Let us know how  we can help you create your sense of place this year 
in your landscape!
Heidi_s Lifestyle Gardens
January, 2018 

We're excited to kick-off the New Year and the new growing season! Our designers are hard at work now, and our retail shop re-opens on February 1st! 

See our top picks for the garden and landscape trends we've identified as meaningful and sustainable in this edition. 

Ultra-violet has been named the "color of the year." And this includes plants! W e will have a plethora of purple plants available all season long!
Ultra Violet
Is it pure coincidence that we are celebrating our own "purple reign" this year in Minnesota? Skol! Go Vikes!
Garden and Landscape Trends for 2018
Plants, Pollinators and Technology Trends for 2018

Native plants and their cultivars offer so many benefits, they are being embraced more than ever.
From drought or wet tolerance, to being pollinator friendly, to providing interest all year in the landscape, multi-purpose natives add great value to the health of your landscape. GrowHaus is pleased to offer an extended selection of natives and cultivars to add into your planting plan this year. 
Angelica atropurpurea

Flowers for Pollinators:
The U of MN Extension Garden Research has compiled a fresh look at  flowers for pollinators based on their latest research from the summer of 2017.
Cosmos Wildflower
Capriola Cosmos Wildflower

We're letting Mother Nature be our guide when choosing the right technologies to deploy this year.
One great tool also developed by the U of MN is an awesome plant selection database, Plant Elements of Design.  Just create a username and password, and then find access to woody and herbaceous plant information, perfect for selecting plant choices for our  Upper Midwest landscapes.
Plant of the Month
The upright, dense habit of this new lilac makes it a great choice for a hedge, or for foundation plantings. Mildew-free, this plant produces shiny violet leaves, purple stems, purple buds, and fragrant violet flowers that remain in bloom well into the summer.
Virtual Violet Lilac
Philanthropic Choice of the Year: The Good Acre
Each year we choose a local non-profit organization to support. This year we have chosen The Good Acre, an organization serving local farmers, food makers, and the community at large. We are so impressed with the food hub and infrastructure they have created to enrich the local food system! Check them out! Consider participating in their farm share program for the growing season this year.
The Good Acre
The Good Acre

Our Mission and Core Values
This is the perfect time of year to reiterate our mission and core values for both of our divisions. We do not take your loyalty to us for granted, and want to remind you of our intent and our value system.
Heidi_s GrowHaus

At  GrowHaus , our mission is:
  • To cultivate healthy connections between people and the planet;
  • To strive to offer our customers unique plants and products, educational opportunities, and sustainable services to empower communities to lead the way toward living lightly on the land. 
Heidi_s Lifestyle Gardens

At  Heidi's Lifestyle Gardens, our mission is:
  • To enhance the lifestyles of our clients by creating beautiful and sustainable living spaces;
  • To connect with our community through philanthropic, therapeutic and cooperative events;
  • To provide a culture of growth and resilience for our team of horticulturalists.
Our Core Values for both divisions:
  • Ambitious and Dedicated
  • Horticulturally Passionate
  • Team-work oriented
  • Caring, Flexible and Positive

"Anyone who thinks gardening begins in the Spring and ends in the Fall is missing the best part of the whole year; for gardening begins in January, with the dream." 
~ Josephine Nuese
 Bloom On!
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