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2015 was the year of mega breaches and cyber attacks in healthcare, and it is not expected to slow down anytime soon. Below are several articles that provide an outlook of what to expect in healthcare IT and privacy this year.
OCR Issues HIPAA Guidance on Patients' Rights to Access PHI

OCR published guidance last week to  set straight the scope and process that organizations are required to put into place to ensure that patients do not face barriers in exercising their right to access personal health information. The guidance uses a number of examples to illustrate how to implement the requirements of the HIPAA Privacy Rule including specifically addressing the scenario of providing access through an unencrypted email if the patient requests his or her information. OCR Director Samuels says that HHS will continue to develop more guidance and tools, and will work with other areas of the government to create more consumer-friendly resources.

New Infographic Reviewing 2015 Privacy & Security Trends & Challenges

The healthcare industry experienced  many different privacy and security trends and challenges in 2015, such as mega breaches, increasing enforcement of health information privacy and security regulations by federal and state governments and the continued emergence of healthcare as a target for cyber criminals. View our latest infographic that highlights some of these trends and challenges, including the fact that cyber attacks resulted in the disclosure of over 100 million health records in 2015, and eight of the 10 largest healthcare hacks we've ever seen were reported in the last year .

Why Healthcare May See More HIPAA Fines This Year

At the end of 2015,  OCR made clear that ignoring HIPAA compliance obligations by not performing a thorough enterprise-wide risk assessment will result in significant fines and penalties. Multiple resolution agreements and corrective action plans were announced with more than $4.3 million in fines collected in the final two months of the year. CynergisTek's David Holtzman provides insight of a few reasons why we saw an uptick in formal enforcement actions as the year drew to a close.

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From Security Laggards to Cyber Warriors

The real enemies of good cybersecurity - and its closely related cousin, patient safety - are often intangible: apathy, ignorance and indecision. Not the many threats we face today. Every federal agency that tracks cyber incidents has placed healthcare at the head of the pack in terms of risk. Every threat center or company that monitors security and publishes statistics and studies on the topic of cyber incidents has identified healthcare as the number one targeted industry. 

Join Us for a Free Webinar on Cybersecurity Threats Attacking Healthcare IT

With hackers pursuing healthcare's vast amount of data, it's now more important than ever to understand the cybersecurity threat landscape.  The first step to minimize your risk is awareness.  Register now  for this insightful webinar to learn about current cybersecurity trends and incidents, as well as guidance on how to mitigate your cybersecurity risks.

Peering Into 2016: Five Major Questions We'd Love to See Answered This Year

This past year cybersecurity moved to the forefront of issues facing the healthcare industry. Healthcare Informatics recently pondered if c-suites and boards of directors will invest in information security to ensure effective cybersecurity.

CynergisTek Celebrates Record Breaking Growth

T hank you to all of our customers that helped CynergisTek achieve record growth in 2015, with an increase in revenue of more than 50 percent over the last calendar year. We had an increase in bookings of approximately 80 percent, representing a compound annual growth rate of nearly 70 percent over the last three years. 

Upcoming Educational Events
CynergisTek is speaking at several industry events and will host a number of HIPAA Privacy and Security Workshops across the nation this year. Each of these educational workshops are free, led by an industry expert, and address the hottest topics and biggest challenges facing healthcare IT right now. Topics that will be discussed include the return of the OCR audits, recent enforcement activity and emerging cybersecurity threats. Click here for more details and to register.

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