April 8, 2015
Horseshoe Bar Road Overcrossing Lift Date Has Changed

The Horseshoe Bar Road construction project dates have been changed. This means closure dates have also been changed.


Horseshoe Bar Road Overcrossing

The Horseshoe Bar Road Overcrossing will be closed to local traffic starting Sunday, April 19 and is projected to reopen on Wednesday, May 6.


Interstate 80 at Horseshoe bar Road

I-80 at Horseshoe Bar Road will be closed to all traffic from 11PM to 5AM on April 21 and April 22 for the lifting process. An 8-mile detour will be in effect at that time.


For a detour route map visit: www.raise80.com/horseshoe-bar


Miscellaneous Structure Work

Motorists can expect one-way traffic control from 6AM  to 5PM Monday through Friday on the Brace, Horseshoe Bar, King, Penryn, Gilardi and Magra overcrossings for bridge work. 


Interstate 80 is Open for Business During Construction
Caltrans welcomes businesses to advertise special offers on the Raise80 project website:  www.RAISE80.com/open 


Let local residents and visitors know your business is open. Submit your "Open for Business Special" by downloading and filling-out the open for business form. Download the form! 

Connect with the #Raise80 campaign on Facebook and Twitter! "Like" and "Follow" the #Raise80 campaign with your business' Facebook page and Twitter account, and the campaign will provide an @mention to promote your business and specials in a news-feed update and tweet. 


Following are links to the Facebook Page and Twitter accounts.



Be Work Zone Alert
We remind drivers to slow their speed in the work zone. Workers are working within inches of live traffic. Traffic is unpredictable and sudden slowing or stopping may occur. Please do not peer into work zones as this can cause collisions if drivers are not paying attention to their driving. 



Liza Whitmore

Caltrans District 3 Public Information Office



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c/o Liza Whitmore
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