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Your 7 top questions - answered!
1/ How much practical vs theory in the course?
2/ Is it accredited? Will I be able to practice as a registered hypnotherapist?
3/ If I have to miss a day is that OK?
4/ Where is it held? Is it easy to get to?
5/ Do you have any discounts? e.g. for students?
6/ Are the trainers therapists, do they still see clients?
7/ Hypnosis AND mindfulness? Really? 



Here are the top questions we get asked by email or over the phone.

REMINDER: Our next training starts: Saturday February 3rd, 2018
Take the "Fast-Track" - and finish by Friday March 23rd 2018!

Your Top Seven Questions

1/ How much practical vs theory?
How much do we get to practice hypnosis and the techniques?

Over 50% of course time is spent practising and then discussing techniques.
Unlike university courses you will have a huge amount of practical experience of using the techniques - and the discussing, debriefing and learning from each practice exercise working one-to-one with other course participants both as "therapist and as "client".

2/ Is this course accredited?
Will be able to practice as a registered hypnotherapist?
Yes and Yes.
While it would be hard to say "this is the most accredited hypnotherapy course in the UK" - it does tick all the necessary boxes, probably more than any other.
  The Diploma we award is recognised and accepted by the main hypnotherapy organisations (NCH & GHR) - and so yes, you will be a fully accredited and registered hypnotherapist and able to practice professionally. Plus then you can join CNHC - a government supported national register of complementary therapists.

It's also externally verified by NCFE. We don't print off our own diplomas, we have to meet external standards equivalent to NVQ Level 4 - and we just had our annual external verification and passed with flying colours.

Finally the course is approved by The British Psychological Society as
BPS Approved logo
 continuing professional development for psychologists. That's a really good quality mark (even if you aren't a psychologist).

This is the ONLY hypnotherapy course that is approved by the BPS and externally verified.

3/ If I have to miss a day is that OK?
It's never great to miss a day but it's not a big problem.
We require you attend at least 80% of the classroom sessions to get the award.
If you have to miss a day you can watch it on video (we have several recordings from previous courses), arrange to practice the technique with a colleague, or if needed come by for that day on another course (e.g. for the Pain Control module - you don't want to miss that!)

4/ Where is it held? Is it easy to get to?
It's in North London - at the Clayton Crown Hotel. 

By train
It's 2 minutes from Cricklewood train station  - which is on the Thameslink Line:  (Brighton - Euston - Bedford) (Sutton-St Albans) (Kent/Sevenoaks - Bedford) (Luton-Sutton)

We have free parking there if you drive (it's 4 minutes from Junction 1 of the M1/North Circular)

Nearest Tubes?
The nearest tubes are: Willesden Green & Kilburn (12 mins walk or 4 mins by bus)

Make is easy for yourself - stay over
And you can stay at the hotel for about £79/night.
(Contact us for parking and staying at the hotel) 

5/ Do you offer any discounts? Student discounts?
BPS members can get a 10% discount
Students can get a 15% discount (NEW!)
Early Bird rates are available
(Note: discounts cannot be combined)
 - contact us to request these discounts 

6/ Are the trainers experienced therapists?
Do they still see clients?
Yes and yes. The main trainers have over 30 years experience between them and still see clients each week when they aren't training. Assistant trainers are all fully qualified hypnotherapists in the CBH approach and see clients on a regular weekly basis. 
All the trainers bring case studies, and their own clinical examples and experience to the course.

7/ Hypnosis AND mindfulness? Really?
Yes.  We don't teach hypnosis as a being in a trance - but rather as getting involved and allowing ourselves to be 'entranced by' certain thoughts.
Therefore mindfulness meditation is kind of the reverse of hypnosis - becoming dehypnotised from automatic thoughts and stepping back and observing them.
So hypnosis and mindfulness exist on a sort of spectrum  - totally believing and experiencing a thought vs entertaining an idea vs totally observing and not responding to a thought.

Once we understand hypnosis in this way we can then integrate hypnosis with CBT and mindfulness in elegant and powerful ways - within a coherent theory.


Business and Marketing Support - 2 hours one-on-one coaching
Setting up, starting and building a successful practice is no easy task (don't believe the hype). From the start we help you develop the key attitude and approach to starting your business as a hypnotherapist, we teach you key aspects of marketing and provide in-depth resources to enable you to be successful.
Each student attending the whole diploma training in 2018 will be offered two free hours of either business support coaching, personal coaching or tutorial support (for the assessment).

Great fellow course participants and learning environment
Watch some interviews with course participants to get a sense of what the group is like on each course and what participants get from the course and from fellow participants.

Online Resources Section
The Student Support section of the website gives you access to online resources - including full recordings from every day of the training, additional articles and other resources.

Evidence-Based Approach = starting confidently with a solid foundation
When you know that what you are doing with a client is based on solid academic and clinical research it gives you immediate confidence in using hypnosis.

Over the years many hypnotherapists have retrained at the UK College, finding our common sense, evidence-based approach gives them
a) a solid foundation and understanding in using hypnosis 
b) a greater CONFIDENCE working with clients and
c) a broader skill set for treatment plans (see our   Hypno-CBT Toolbox of 35 techniques you will learn on this course) 

Remember: we have monthly payment plans to help spread the cost. 

*British Psychological Society approval is from the BPS Learning Centre for the purpose of CPD for BPS registered psychologists 

February - March 2018
Diploma in Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapy
- 6 places left

Our renowned three part hypnotherapy diploma training programme starts on February 3rd and finishes on Friday 23th March 2018 (Stage 1, Stage 2, Stage 3). 
( Other dates available - view here)
       BPS Approved logo

This hypnotherapy training is the only course in the UK (or the world) approved by The British Psychological Society. The Diploma you will receive is recognised by the main professional hypnotherapy organisations (GHR & NCH) and will allow you to join CNHC (The Complementary & Natural Healthcare Council, a government approved national register of hypnotherapists).   

In addition, without additional classroom hours, you can apply for and receive a recognised Diploma in Stress Management & Resilience Building - (accredited by ISMA, The International Stress Management Association).

The trainers , Mark and Lorna, are both very experienced therapists and instructors, with over 30 years of clinical experience  between  them - and they are both active therapists.

The course attracts participants who are all very motivated to learn - ranging from those new to therapy and strongly committed to learning a new profession, to experienced mental health professionals. We pride ourselves on creating a fun, safe and wise learning environment where both new and experienced participants learn from each other. 

You don't need a degree in psychology to attend! Good common sense, a relatively clear head, a willingness to learn and passion in helping others are the most important requirements.

Integrating Hypnosis, Mindfulness & CBT (Hypno-CBT®)
We offer a unique model of hypnotherapy that integrates hypnosis, mindfulness and CBT. This is a therapy model that is simple, yet deep and effective; it is both theoretically coherent and draws on a wide range of techniques. It gives you, as the therapist, a simple, powerful, integrative approach to working with clients. You will learn how to use a extensive range of evidence-based techniques and interventions (our Hypno-CBT® Toolbox of 35 techniques) - and in particular how to assess clients and design treatment plans.


"A very relevant and feasible integration of CBT and hypnotherapy" 
- Dr Anthony Dimech, Psychiatrist 

Evidence-Based Approach
We are committed to evidence-based principles. The models and methods we teach draw upon an extensive library of experimental and clinical research, giving you the confidence to know that, with your clients, you will be using some of the best methods available to the modern therapist. (We haven't just thought this stuff up!)

Training Course - 14 years of refinement and development
We've been offering this course for 14 years. After every course we revise it and improve it. We gather daily feedback and review it carefully, we follow developments in the field and then make refinements. Hence the course is a highly developed, well refined and very effective brief training programme - and in a process of continual improvement.

Location: The Clayton Crown Hotel, Cricklewood, London NW2

Stage 1: February 3rd to 9th, 2018
Stage 2: February 24th to March 2nd 2018
Stage 3: March 17th to March 23rd 2018

Note: this is the quickest of the "Fast-Track" trainings that we are offering in 2018.

Time: from 10am to 6pm each day

Remember: w
e have a 12 month payment plan for the full diploma.

Reserve your seats now online with a £390 deposit.




Certificate in Evidence-Based Hypnotherapy  (Stage 1)
Next course starts February 2018 - in 18 days.
British Psychological Society Approved logo

This course is especially designed to provide you with a solid, basic working knowledge of hypnotherapy.  It runs as an intensive 7-Day module which can either be taken as the first stage of our  Diploma in Cognitive-Behavioural Hypnotherapy , or as a standalone course for those interested in learning foundational skills in hypnotherapy.  This course is well-balanced with theory and practical exercises, and provides a relaxed and supportive environment in which to learn. Our trainers are very experienced hypnotherapists, and are passionate about their subject.  
BPS Approved
This is the only one week hypnotherapy course in the UK to be approved by The British Psychological Society as CPD for registered psychologists.
Upcoming Dates for Stage 1
3rd to 9th February 2018 - places still available.

Location: The Clayton Crown Hotel, Cricklewood, London NW2
Read more here  (plus watch a great video giving an overview of the course content)

Reserve your seat now online for £175

Question: What's in each stage of the training?

Answer: Watch the videos below to get a brief summary of what you'll learn in each course.


Hope to see on the courses and workshops!

Email us at or call us on 0207 112 9040 if you have any questions or want to know more. 


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