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Rev. Fred Luter, Jr. demonstrates God's Miraculous Power To Shine The Spotlight On You
by Kim Bettie 
On the Tom Joyner Morning Show, I heard a "Little Known Black History Fact" about Reverend Fred Luter, Jr. who has been elected as the first black President of the Southern Baptist Convention.  This news made me think about a conversation I had with a girlfriend years ago about how God can move mountains and shine a spotlight on you so bright that people have to stop and stare.


My friend was feeling frustrated because she had not had any career success and had yet to figure out what she was really good at that would make her happy.  I explained to her how, when I was in that same situation, I made a vow to turn my career over to God and surrendered my business to his will.  Every since then, I told her, I have realized success beyond my own talent and beyond my own imagination.  I also shared with her, that I know for sure, that it's only by God's grace and mercy I am able to achieve all that I do.


Her reaction was one that I will never forget.  She said, if she took that approach, she still wouldn't feel good about herself because she would not have actually accomplished anything on her own.  It was such an honest response.  I had to marinate on it. After a few minutes of reflection, I told her how much better it is for me to know that God has got my back.  I wanted her to know how it feels to be overwhelmed by the goodness of the Lord.  I talked about how God can take an impossible situation and make it work in my favor to achieve His goals.  I get emotional, even now, thinking about how He makes my gifts sparkle so they get the attention of the right people at the right time.  Whew!


I wish I could say that her light bulb went off at that time.  But, she really didn't understand what I was talking about.  I imagine that Reverend Luter, Jr. understands exactly what I mean.


Reverend Fred Luter, Jr. began preaching with a megaphone on the streets of the 9th Ward.  After a near death experience, during a motor cycle accident in 1977, he made a vow to spend his life serving God.  Now Rev. Luter, Jr. has been elected as the first black President of the Southern Baptist Convention.  He was voted in by thousands of members of an organization with a reputation of racism and segregation since the 1800s.  Rev. Luter, Jr. was the ONLY one running for office and was unopposed in the decision.  Talk about moving mountains and making sure that the spot light shines on you!  Look at God!


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